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Reviewed by DeepRest 1

I am so sick and tired of supposed movies like this being made. I knew I was in trouble within the first few seconds. The production looks as if it was made with a camcorder someone bought from Ebay from 1982. You know the look, if you&#39;ve been unfortunate to rent such crap as The Green River Killer and Ten Dead Men. If you haven&#39;t, then I suggest you look up one of those trailers, watch it, and save yourself the agony of watching this one. And yes, the acting is just as bad as the quality of the film. Maybe even more.<br/><br/>DO NOT WATCH THIS PIECE OF GARBAGE! Seriously. I&#39;m not one of those movie snobs or trolls that run rampant here in internet land. I&#39;m regular Joe the movie viewer. This isn&#39;t even a movie. This looks to be the result of someone losing a bet. Or maybe winning a bet. I f the bet was, &quot;I bet I can make a movie 100 times cheaper than Paranormal Activity and The Blair Witch Project combined!&quot;

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Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 1

A zombie anthology. Am I there to watch it? You betcha..<br/><br/>16 minutes into this movie, then I just had enough!<br/><br/>This was beyond low budget, if there even is such a thing. If there isn&#39;t such a thing, then there is now, as directors Elias Dancey, Robert Elkins and Chris Kiros seem to have just invented such a thing.<br/><br/>The zombie make-up was incredibly fake, and it was so obvious that they were wearing poorly constructed masks.<br/><br/>As for the acting in &quot;Zombthology&quot;, well then it was as to be expected from a movie such as this. Enough said!<br/><br/>The camera work was questionable and all over the place, which makes a movie unwatchable for me, as I loathe that kind of camera style.<br/><br/>The attempt to make the movie look old was just not in favor of the movie in any way. I have absolutely no intention of returning to watch the rest of this zombie anthology, not even if I got paid to do so.

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Reviewed by questiontheauthorities 1

Bad VHS ripoff.Worse special effects, lol at the cheeziness of the first one.But the end of the third one, it reeks of feminist man hate. Steady decline downhill from the start of the film.Do yourself a favor, it&#39;s not even worth the lolz in the first act--spare yourself the final two if you insist on watching the first.To summarize:clueless stupid males, (all white of course)female victimhoodone random boob to keep you distractedand finally, several extended shots of severed dick in detail up close.I wish I was joking.

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