Zombie Killers: Elephant's Graveyard


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Reviewed by jas3892 4

Engaging horror movies can be made on a low budget. This had a budget and it&#39;s terrible. It doesn&#39;t challenge the audience or up the ante to where we care about the characters. There was little drama, gore, and horror, all destroying even a little chance of a decent climax. The acting was decent enough throughout. <br/><br/>By the end credits, I was happy that it was over.<br/><br/>It&#39;s a rough, choppy watch that somehow makes intersquad paintball seem more interesting than actual zombie fighting. This mentality leads to some atrocious examples of how overused CGI can sink an entire production when done wrong. Who knew that a horror movie could drain all the fun out of mutated zombie animals?

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Reviewed by Joel-942-144075 5

Despite the very low rating and the other reviews, this was MUCH better than many low budget zombie movies. <br/><br/>A minimum of &#39;dumb blond&#39; moments! Little &#39;bad acting&#39; that one expects. Little of that fake fighting we&#39;ve learned to expect.<br/><br/>It has decent acting, multiple story lines, a good score, and a somewhat unique story. <br/><br/>If you&#39;re not looking for wild zombie action out of the block, then the story builds up in a regular fashion.<br/><br/>Don&#39;t listen to the nay-sayers, this one is worthy of a look.<br/><br/>I believe that it deserves at least a 5.0 rating, if not better.

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Reviewed by sirvira-52824 7

I love this movie it&#39;s different from other zombie movies see the other people who talking crap about the movie is a hater cause they mad cause that ain&#39;t in a movie and plus the movie is mostly a survival movie they was focus on the characters then the zombies and that&#39;s good in away I love the story these other people out here are hating so all the actor&#39;s was good so and yep they are making a sequel so I&#39;m get ready for it and plus Harrison Smith did a good job on the movie I liked everything about some people are use to like other zombie movies cause of more gore and seeing people getting ripped to shredds well I can careless what other people think of the movie cause it haves a great story and that&#39;s what people be missing out on in Zombie movies and I can&#39;t wait till the sequel comes and Michael kean he a good actor I don&#39;t know why people are hating on him for at least he making money I&#39;m just looking for it to the Sequel I know the sequel will be good as the first one

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