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Reviewed by DocEmmettBrown 9

Off the blocks let me just say that I am a huge zombie fan so I don&#39;t make statements like the above lightly. Secondly let me say that this is an Italian zombie film and Fulci only directed 15 minutes of it before handing over to Bruno (Rats, Night Of Terror) Mattei. This is no Dawn of the Dead folks.<br/><br/>That said this is easily one of the most entertaining zombie films I have ever seen. <br/><br/>The script is wonderfully horrible. Just check out the two scientists trying to find an antidote (&quot;Let&#39;s try putting these two molecules together&quot;). <br/><br/>The zombies come in all varieties. From moaning shufflers, to machete wielding maniacs, to birds! <br/><br/>The gore is plentiful. Legs are bitten off, arms amputated, stomachs burst open. <br/><br/>The pace is fast, flying from one zombie attack to the next. <br/><br/>Then there&#39;s the head in the fridge. Oh the head in the fridge! One of the greatest moments in horror since Ash got his hand possessed in Evil Dead 2.<br/><br/>You should know already whether you&#39;re the sort of person who&#39;s going to like this sort of film. Get some mates and some beer and you&#39;ll be in for a fun night.<br/><br/>Did I mention the head in the fridge?!?!?

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Reviewed by epeteet 9

Although it&#39;s not as creepy as it&#39;s cult classic predecessor (ZOMBI 2) I actually like this one better. This is because of it&#39;s faster pace, better settings, and cool 80&#39;s soundtrack. It&#39;s loaded with action and has sweet gore effects by Lucio Fulci. The zombies don&#39;t quite look as nasty as in ZOMBI 2 but they still look good. It was made pretty well but it definitely has it&#39;s share of cheesiness; for instance some zombies move really slow while others are as quick as ninjas. some are braindead while others say funny lines, but who expects consistency when it comes to Italian horror? There&#39;s even a flying zombie head! How rad is that? Definitely a must see for gorehounds and zombie fans. it&#39;d probably satisfy most fans of action movies as well. Also check out Zombi 4.

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Reviewed by Molly Celaschi (carlykristen) 7

Zombi 3 has an interesting history in it&#39;s making. Firstly, it is a sequel to Fulci&#39;s hit Zombi 2, with Zombi 2 itself being of course a marketing ploy to trick people into thinking it was a sequel to George A. Romero&#39;s Dawn of the Dead aka Zombi. Confusing enough? Basically, none of the films have anything to do with one another, but who cares when they make money. I guess Fulci himself starting to not care about the production about half way through Zombi 3 when he decided to walk out. Bruno Mattei was brought on board to help pad the film with additional scenes to lengthen the running time.<br/><br/>Zombi 3&#39;s plot is your typical zombie fare. Scientists develop a serum on an island in the Philippines, terrorists steal it unleashing a plague, and zombie run amok. The scientists want to create an antidote, while the military is set on mowing down everyone without prejudice. There are also brief inserts of a Radio DJ preaching about how we treat the planet. <br/><br/>Overall, I actually liked this film. I heard horrible things, but I find the goofy dialogue quite enjoyable. The film seems to be an attempt at raising awareness about pollution, corrupted military, Man playing God, etc. I get the feeling this was at one point a serious film, but it veered off in a weird direction, presumably when Mattei came on board.<br/><br/>Besides ripping off other zombie flicks, this was very reminiscent of Romero&#39;s The Crazies. You hear the Radio DJ breaking the good news with, &quot;When you see the men in white suits &amp; gas masks, Run to them for Help.&quot; This is of course played to the images of the men in white gunning down zombies. Later, they straight up steal a scene from Crazies in which one of the regular, uncontaminated people is killed by mistake.<br/><br/>The gore factor is pretty good in this one with zombie hordes around every corner. How is it cool? Let me count the ways?1. Zombie Birth 2. Flying Zombie Head 3. Zombie Birds. 4. Zombie with no legs swimming in a pool. My favorite zombie was the machete-wielding maniac at the gas station. He was bad ass and nearly tore down the entire building trying to kill a girl.<br/><br/>Favorite Quote ? When a sergeant insists on cremating a zombie, the scientists asks, &quot;Don&#39;t you think that once the ash is in the air, it will fall to the ground, and contaminate everything?&quot; To which the Sargeant boldly replies, &quot;Now you&#39;re talking science fiction.&quot; He also continues to mention the &quot;Science Fiction&quot; told by the scientists even at the end when everyone dies.<br/><br/>Extras: Gallery, Trailers, and Interviews, most notably the one with Mattei where he insists he directed 40% of the scenes, yet cannot recall which ones or any other significant details.<br/><br/>Bottom Line: A must see for zombie and Fulci fans.<br/><br/>Rating: 7/10<br/><br/>Molly Celaschi www.HorrorYearbook.com MySpace.com/HorrorYearbook

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