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Reviewed by Randy_Dreammaker 3

If the title of this movie didn't turn you off, just wait until you being watching it.Reminds me of a student thesis film school project.To be honest, I gave it one star, just because I know how much work and time everyone who works on a movie puts into it.Its up to the director, cinematographer and editor to make everything work.One star, for how much I enjoyed it. One star for being able to create a movie that's an hour long and actually convince the cast and crew they wouldn't be wasting their time. For a total of 3 Stars.It was obvious the second the movie title popped up at the beginning, this was going to be a scary ride, not because its a scary movie, I am speaking metaphorically, as in, this is going to be a painful watch.I am certain there are probably some Alien Conspiracy movie fans who will love this B-film, and it will probably make it someday on to a film site like Roku, Pop Corn, etc. Maybe even on to a middle of the night antenna T.V. slot, for people with insomnia to watch.It certainly ranks up their with many to The Asylum movies.So lets rap this up: Predictable, poorly scripted, nonsensical, quality-phobic, with cheesy aliens.

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Reviewed by MichaelJEpstein 9

Xenophobia is a fun horror-sci-fi film stacked with a great mix of practical and digital effects that tells the story of multiple alien abductions. Each story in this quasi-anthology is told as a sort of flashback during an abduction support group. As the tales unfold, bigger connections reveal themselves. Highly recommended if you like retro-feeling sci-fi creatures from the 50s to the 80s!

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Reviewed by jescofilm-1 10

You won't find any CGI aliens in this film. Directed by 3 directors, with different stories that all come together to describe what the title really means, "The fear of aliens". You will be entertained from the alien abductees as they describe their stories of encounters and fears.

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