Wubbzy's Big Movie!


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Reviewed by jennajoshjulia 10

Iron man and black widow die in endgame and cap is worthy of lifting mjnoir and hulk is professor hulk and cap says avengers assemble and pepper potts becomes rescue and cap gives his sheild to falcon and the avengers use time travel

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Reviewed by mcmurrinsa 10

I was on the toilet one day browsing the Amazon and I stumbled upon this movie. I used to watch the show growing up i'm watching this movie brought tears to my eyes. It was cute, funny, and just downright daemonic. It's a brick of gold, unpure figure of creativity. Wubbzy should be an American icon. Strong recommendation.If you this this is a joke, then you are mistaken.Wow Wow Wubbzy is apart of our pulp culture now.

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