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Reviewed by km004a5534 10

Having looked everywhere for information about this film for well over a year, I was shocked when it suddenly popped up on Cable and Satellite last weekend. It was quite different to what I had expected, but nevertheless well worth the wait. If you are looking for a film that will make you laugh and make you cry, but leave you with a nice warm feeling inside, then look no further. The whole cast is excellent, without a weak link and there are fine performances by Peter Fonda, Kris Kristofferson and Keith Carradine. But, not for the first time, Joe Mazzello (Radio Flyer,Jurassic Park,The Cure, Simon Birch) steals the show.As Joe's character, Charles is taken, reluctantly, on the journey of a lifetime, he discovers a whole new world, his roots and himself. We, the viewers, see a hugely talented young actor and the character he portrays growing up before our very eyes. This is one film not to be missed!

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Reviewed by gsquared32 9

This is one of those heart warming movies about a technologically advanced grandson (Joe Mazzello, "Jurassic Park") and a backwoods sheep farmer grandfather (Peter Fonda). After being disconnected for many years from one another, they get the chance to discover what the other one is all about. A supporting role by Kris Kristofferson makes this movie a must see.

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Reviewed by dol333 10

Cast, dialogue and relational theme peppered with good humor make this movie a must see. Fonda, Kristofferson, Mazzello, Carradine stand out as friends who love and work for a lifetime not just for a movie time. North Dakota boy is where I want to be...its where country stays cool, computers are a fitting bit of the action and family &amp; friends bond for life. <br/><br/>Kate and Martinez bring a feisty female touch to the film that does not go overboard but compliments the boys nicely. <br/><br/>Some of the lines have stayed in our house bringing up a laugh and a desire to watch the show again...like &quot;that&#39;s none-ya&quot; and &quot;no cussing inside&quot; And though the main characters name is Stoneman there is nothing cold about this movie. We have viewed it often enough to have caught most of the bloopers...like &quot;Skeeleton trees&quot; rather than Skeleton trees as written on FBI Collins pager...but the birth of a lamb and a Wooly Boy makes up for the faux pas.<br/><br/>Want to feel better after a flick? Watch Wooly Boys and plan on it. Enjoy

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