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Reviewed by tommypezmaster 10

I just love it. June herself is a understandable character and has a very realistic real life personality. Basically June is the typical dreamerthat finds out that life bites back and that's a good thing. If your going into watching this show now, its not going to be too easy due to his personality, but the more you watch it you will start to see how June actually handles trying to connect with people from her past and how he can stay relevant in todays media. With witty (and cutways too) jokes and pretty reasonable emotional moments, its a cartoon that makes you feel apart of the multiple situation he is in and always wonder whats going to happen next, its hooks you at a different physiological level that other animated see that as a good thing!

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Reviewed by awsomemegas 10

So first off this movie is just amazing. It had me laughing, crying and just filled with emotion and investment throughout the whole movie.<br/><br/>You will notice an unfortunatly large amount of negative reviews about this movie and I have to say please moderate the ones you know have no thought in them.<br/><br/>The ones I speak of are every single one that only says &quot;this movie is sad. My kid didn&#39;t like it. Not for under 6.&quot;<br/><br/>OF COURSE IT&#39;S NOT!<br/><br/>So for parents. Here&#39;s the thing, judge movies you wanna show your kids based on how you wanna raise them but please think before you simply just say something that has absolutely no actual thought behind it as it does impact the enjoyment older kids get from studios endeavors.<br/><br/>This is the first non SpongeBob (ugh) nickelodeon movie in decades. An original ip that came out of nowhere. Think very carefully about that. The reason is because SpongeBob is known, &quot;safe&quot; even though it clearly isn&#39;t smart for the most part after its first half of seasons, and parents just don&#39;t want to think too hard about what their kids see.<br/><br/>This. Is. A. Horrible way to watch movies for ANYONE! Not just kids. You can not care what you watch but kids need stimulating thought provoking innovative ideas that will carry them through the world they have to navigate and learn about. So being sad is an emotion of which kids feel and need to feel and discuss with you a parent in order to grow.<br/><br/>So where does that leave this movie? Mixed honestly. Someone like me loved it for it&#39;s imagination, it&#39;s heart, the main character and her drive to invent, create and ultimately rediscover why it&#39;s important to do so after something that happens to bury those feelings.<br/><br/>The mixed part comes into play when you as an older person who knows how to analyze movies and characters. The message of the movie can be confusing. This is purely a matter of perspective so I can only give mine and if someone disagrees then they are free too. Just don&#39;t say &quot;it&#39;s stupid cause it&#39;s sad and I don&#39;t wanna watch sad things with my kid&#39;s&quot;. To which I say, here&#39;s a happy meal, your hamster ball and a wall with no paint. I&#39;d let you watch the paint dry but we wouldn&#39;t wanna get too exciting or dare I say...... CREATIVE!<br/><br/>The inventions in this movie are an absolute pleasure to see come to life. And I don&#39;t mean literally either even though that&#39;s also fun. I mean to see a child think of these wonderful ideas and be encouraged by their parents to think of even greater more fun ways to look at them even if the kid thinks you as the smarter parent could probably come up with something better. It&#39;s how it should be since the child is taught that their ideas matter and they are important to express in only words they can say.<br/><br/>Overall without spoiling too much I will say you will enjoy this movie if you are looking for a character that is strong, creative and finds out why it&#39;s important to be that way.<br/><br/>If you aren&#39;t then that&#39;s ok. There are plenty of fine movies you can watch. Just make sure that they have heart and don&#39;t always play it safe. A Disney movie can be scary and that&#39;s good. A nickelodeon movie can be sad and that&#39;s ok. A warner bros movie can have crazy amounts of creativity. All movies can have inappropriate humor if you py attention to what they sneak in. Nothing is meant to be sacred and nothing is truly safe. Take a chance, have fun and explore. Your heart will thank you for it.

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Reviewed by gracielabacosta 10

Excelent animation and photography!!!A story about faith and resilience, finding our inner strenght and not giving up on our dreams.In life there are dark and bright moments, and its important to not loose ourselves, forgetting the magic inside of us.<br/><br/>Don&#39;t miss this magical story!! I Loved it!!

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