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Reviewed by andyhow 10

Being a guy that grew up with an enormous crush on Alyssa Milano, i assume this was going to be yet nothing crap-tastic C movie from the television Diva. Yet, i was surprisely taken back by the dialogue and heart that was delivered.<br/><br/>Great job to Alyssa, in the role that I think was written specifically for her brooklyn style. I say make a sequel...where does she go? does she quit the criminal life &quot;cold turkey?&quot; hopefully not.<br/><br/>James Caan is in this too, which i think made it a little more believable. by the way how old am I to believe Alyssa is in this movie at the end? The makeup tried to make her look older I think, but she is still way to gorgeous for that.

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Reviewed by Spookymindz 10

THis Movie Wisegal was a made for TV movie shown on LifeTime, but please disregard that as it is far better then most if not many of the made for TV movie, you&#39;ll be totally surprised at how good this movie is, the acting the story the plot the editing etc. was excellent. This movie could have been a smash hit if it had appeared in movie theater&#39;s as it was just that good, I don&#39;t want to include any spoiler&#39;s so I&quot;ll just say if you get a chance please see it and I&#39;m pretty sure you&#39;ll agree that it is by far better then the average made for TV movie, I can&#39;t say enough about this flick as it surely was well made and well acted and had many stars in it which should be a hint that the accepted the change to take part in this well made well acted movie, I have to say I enjoyed it so much I actually viewed it two times, so you may want to make a copy of it for future viewing of it again at another time. I gave this movie Wisegal an A+ on all accounts you watch it and be the judge of how good a movie LifeTime showed.

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Reviewed by mostlyrance 1

Run of the mill parade of Italian American stereotypes.<br/><br/>Why is it that the only portrayal of Italian Americans is as mobbed up ignoramuses? <br/><br/>Italian women portrayed as cheap putanas or drug addicts.<br/><br/>And extra credit for a low class outer borough accent.<br/><br/>As if you have to speak like a moron to be Italian. Fuggedaboudid? You wouldn&#39;t be idiotic enough to ask a black person to say &quot;yowsuh massa&quot;, so why the double standard?<br/><br/>The most infuriating part, is that if you complain about this injustice, you&#39;re characterized as being a front for the mob. Nice.<br/><br/>If I&#39;m wrong (I&#39;m not), please let me know of a positive portrayal.

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