William Shatner Presents: Chaos on the Bridge


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Reviewed by planktonrules 9/10

I was very surprised when I saw &#x22;Chaos on the Bridge&#x22;. After all, fordecades there has been a mystical sort of image of Gene Roddenberry asan avuncular sort of guru whose vision was THE basis for everythinggreat about &#x22;Star Trek&#x22;. Well, here this is NOT the sort of guy youhear about...that&#x27;s for sure. It&#x27;s a shame the guy is dead, as I&#x27;d loveto see his reactions to so much hostility. But, according to thedocumentary, everything that was wrong with &#x22;Star Trek: The NextGeneration&#x22; was due to Roddenberry and his unwillingness to create anysort of tension within the show. Instead, he insisted on a perfect,Utopian future where all the humans got along and loved eachother....which is just fine except it created a rather bland package.Almost no one defended this apart, at times, aside from MauriceHurley--who alternated between saying how much he hated Roddenberry buthow he tried to stay loyal to his image. Some were nice but insistedRoddenberry was a poor addition to the show but others were quiteblunt. I was frankly quite shocked to hear all this. While I could seethat the show VASTLY improved in the later seasons, why was somethingI&#x27;d never heard anyone talk about before or so candidly. <br><br>Overall, this is very revealing and well made. However, it did have oneproblem--the pace was too quick and it seems stretching it out to 90minutes or so would have made the film a bit stronger...though it stillis very well done and I urge Trek fans to see it with an open mind.

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Reviewed by michael-phipps 8/10

I really enjoy having Shatner lead the documentaries for thedevelopment of star trek. My only wish is that they had delved into thewriters issues developing TNG more... It just, maybe in hind sight,appears obvious to me that the creation of story conflict is easybetween the federation values and of its characters against anantagonist. I think there is more to the story of the first two seasonsof TNG than they could have dug into..<br><br>I&#x27;m happy this documentary was made. The interviews with thecontributing cast and etc were very I intriguing as both a trekkie andan outsider interested in TV or movie production.

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Reviewed by kgratton 8/10

We all love a good gossip fest, and William Shatner&#x27;s expose of thetroubles dogging the early years of Star Trek TNG (&#x27;The NextGeneration) makes for plenty of entertainment. <br><br>This show is pretty lightweight and doesn&#x27;t take itself too seriously,which is certainly down to Shatner&#x27;s own direction and presentation. Ifound it enlightening to watch this immediately after the 50thanniversary documentary that paints such an uncritical view of the StarTrek universe. <br><br>If you believe the actor who played Captain Kirk in the original seriesmight have some agenda at work in denigrating TNG, that may be true,but Shatner plays it fair and even-handed when it comes to doling outblame. And it&#x27;s not as if the film is a work of fiction. There areplenty of people willing to appear on film shoveling the dirt,including Sir Patrick Stewart himself.<br><br>Shatner&#x27;s film is amusing and fascinating more for casting the humancondition in sharp relief rather than telling us anything we didn&#x27;talready know about the TNG series itself. It&#x27;s likely to affront someTNG fans, but if you accept that the human beings working on the seriesare more fallible than the crew of Enterprise D, you will likelyappreciate and enjoy this minor gem.

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