Will You Merry Me?


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Reviewed by misch46-1 6

The plot of this movie has to do with two families with different religious beliefs and a young couple getting married. The first time the families gather are during the Christmas holidays. One family is Jewish and the other Christian.<br/><br/>This movie has some great laughter and funny situations, which are so far-fetched at times that you can&#39;t help but laugh out loud. The mom that celebrates Christmas in her own colorful way is attempting to mix Judaism with Christianity when the families meet for the first time. Some of it is very funny while other parts are heart warming. The Jewish roots family manages to pull their own share of funny moments in sabotaging Christmas but not in a spiteful way.<br/><br/>While these situations and further discussions of their future keep creeping up the young couple are actually questioning whether they both want the same things in a marriage.<br/><br/>This movie is not a must see like &quot;Meet the Fockers&quot; however, it does have it have enough of a plot line that you will be entertained throughout the movie. It also educates you if you unfamiliar with either religion. If you want to have a few out loud laughs, then it is definitely worth your while to check this movie out. If anything it will remind you of your own special Christmas or Chanukah memories or even a mixed religious holiday.

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Reviewed by IMDB-3064 7

For the person who was offended, lighten up! I am Jewish married to a very Catholic wife. The jokes were fine. Some were a little dumb, meaning too obvious or assumed overly stupid characters, but, offensive, no. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but, in this case, a joke is a joke. I can&#39;t imagine they intended to offend anyone. My parents were not thrilled I married non-Jewish and that was almost 25 years ago. Surely society has changed since then too. Since this is a Christmas movie, the settings for the comedy were appropriate if too predictable. It&#39;s not a great movie but it&#39;s certainly a Christmas movie worth watching.

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Reviewed by kall6695 9

When I first saw this movie, I was literally laughing out loud at the decorations of the groom&#39;s hometown. So reminiscent of my own hometown as a kid where had similar traditions. (No cell phones, computers back then!!) Hilarious!! What I really liked was the introduction to Jewish traditions for Hanukah, which I&#39;ve never seen in a Christmas movie. It was also fabulous seeing Wendie Malick. She is a phenomenal actress! Cynthia Stevenson also phenomenal- batty and wacky! The two of them being so different and then finding a way to come together is one of the best things. The husbands are marginally supportive, but let the mothers duke it out. The relationship between the two young lovers is also great, but as a mother of daughters, I would be highly suspicious of a relationship of six months becoming so serious after such a short time. However, I&#39;m not sure how old the two are so maybe they&#39;ve already been around the relationship block before. Overall a great movie and I look for it every year!!

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