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Reviewed by Jon Miller 8

Wow, there are a lot of bad votes for this movie here. I thought it was great. It&#39;s a Will Smith / Barry Sonnenfeld movie. You can&#39;t take it seriously. The humor is perfectly subtle and dry at times, and over the top at others. The storyline is only there to give opportunities for the jokes.<br/><br/>If you want a serious western, try The Magnificent Seven (or the original, 7 Samurai), Hombre, or some other classic. If you want a light-hearted evening, rent this. Probably don&#39;t buy it, but rent it.<br/><br/>For some reason it says that my review has to be more than 10 lines, so I&#39;m throwing this in to make it work. Really a review for a movie like this doesn&#39;t need to be this long, but I guess I&#39;ll just comply.

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Reviewed by Christopher Beilby 7

Back in the 60s, The Wild, Wild West, staring Robert Conrad and Russ Martin was one of the best shows of it&#39;s time, a interesting mixture of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Gadget Spy films, and light hearted satire. A favorite of mine, I&#39;ve long enjoyed the show. So naturally, I was looking forward to the big screen adaption, even though it did star Will Smith (Sorry, Will, but you&#39;re no Robert Conrad.)<br/><br/>The movie had all the ingredients needed to make a good film: An excellent cast (Kevin Klein, Ken Branaugh, Selma Hayek, even Smith,) an excellent, proven director in Barry Sonnefeld, and a proven genre... Rather, it had all the ingredients that it needed except one... It had the worst script possible. <br/><br/>I&#39;ve always been wary of any project that was written by committee, and this film is one project that proves why. The excellent cast, crew, and effects of this film were wasted on one of the worst screenplays I&#39;ve ever seen. The clever (if pulp inspired) stories of the original series are replaced by tepid attempts at comedy which even Smith, who normally is very funny, can&#39;t pull off. Kenneth Branaugh succeeds at nothing other than managing to eat the scenery, unable to do anything else, since his lines are so bad. Klein is saddled with the role of Smith&#39;s straight man, something that he&#39;s just too damn funny to be. As for the effects, like I said, they were spectacular, but the problem is that they seem to be the &#39;be all and end all&#39; of the movie, instead of working for the story (such as there was in this case.) The simple fact is that they overpower the film.<br/><br/>I guess, if you are a die hard Will Smith fan who has never seen the original series, you might like this one. But for fans of the old series, avoid it, and watch reruns, or else one of the two other shows in the genre, &#39;Legend&#39; or &#39;The Adventures of Brisco County Junior.&#39;

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Reviewed by schmigrex 1

I won&#39;t add more insults -- others here have done that well enough. This movie is godawful. But I will point out two areas that seem to be staples of bad movie remakes of beloved old TV shows. First, how about getting someone to write/direct that actually liked and understood the original? That person would understand that the West-Gordon relationship was the core. In a sense, West and Gordon complimented each other to make a slick, functional crime-fighting machine: West handled the action and romance, and Gordon took care of the thinking, deception, and humor (disguises). This was a well-used TV convention -- think the Kirk-Spock-McCoy triad in Star Trek, or the great contrasty chemistry between Bill Cosby and Robert Culp in I Spy. Add a lovable villain to the mix (not an offensive atrocity like the film-Loveless) and you&#39;ve got a crazy, tongue-in-cheek action classic. The filmmakers here seemingly did not know or care about the fundamentals of the original show. Not that this is necessarily a problem, but then why bother resurrecting the premise in the first place? Why not just make Will Smith a different wild west troubleshooter? The Mission Impossible franchise has the same problem.<br/><br/>Second, why all the emphasis on showing the principals getting to know each other? I know -- because it eats up 30% of the script, and creates conflict. But the conflict should be between West and the villain. Jim and Artie should just BE. The TV show didn&#39;t bother explaining how West met and knew Gordon, any more than Barney Miller, Mission Impossible, or 24 found it necessary to have all the main characters meet and learn to work together. They were a team with a job to do. Audiences understand this concept; having a trumped-up plot about how the heroes meet and overcome their differences is a hackneyed device that only exposes the script weaknesses present. See the film version of Dragnet (a better film, though) for another example of this unfortunate trend.<br/><br/>Finally, a comment on the &quot;race&quot; issue. Inserting content that justifies Smith-West&#39;s skin color is no more necessary than explaining Henry V&#39;s skin color when Laurence Fishburne or Andre Braugher play him on stage. Indeed, ignoring Smith&#39;s race in a movie like this one would help us all look past such issues. If a blond actor had portrayed West, nobody would have suggested a plot that explains his Norwegian background! He just would have been West, and that would be that. But color-blind casting requires courage, and could conceivably cut into the film&#39;s bottom line. So, not in this spineless script.<br/><br/>I seldom get mad at movies I don&#39;t like. Even The Avengers didn&#39;t anger me, though it was possibly even worse than this one. This one ticked me off REAL good. Buy the original series on DVD instead, and see how it&#39;s done right.

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