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Reviewed by sthomas659 10

The film opens with Dwight D. Eisenhower's statement warning of the "MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX." The film draws the connection of how since 1945 the USA has made a "living" off of conflict and remedy of that conflict. Remedy being Profits! Profits which come from WAR CONTRACTS such as Haliburton, Kellogg, etc. Also, the disturbing thought of what the USA exports in the early 21st century which is mainly style (no substance). The film explains, in mediated detail, what has happened... what is here... and what (perhaps)is to come. The latter is left open for the viewer to decide what the choices of the US population will be. Will the USA change it's ways and focus on alternatives? Energy (alternatives) education, REPLACING a MILITARY in Collusion with CONGRESS AND NOW THE MEDIA...all some of the choices of change. We now realize that Scott Peterson or Holloway are diversionary tactics that the media/congress/ and the military industrial complex uses to distract and confuse the American public. I walked away wondering "does any US administration "sit in" and "zero" in on a media hot button issue and "form fit" so that the media can use it to divert attention from the public?" The military industrial complex needs "bad guys" like Jane Fonda or Cindy Sheehan to sell their military industrial complex "wares." We also gather that it was both Democrats and Republicans that voted to go to war in Iraq. Coincidence? No, Not when they all have to report back to their constituents that are a part of the military industrial complex. This supports the idea that gun control or abortion are peripheral issues and that Democrats and Republicans use these (issues)to create a "rally" for their "election contests." One could conclude that the two party system is not only a failure but the engine of the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX! The feeding frenzy of creating monsters such as Saddam only to use when him to the USA's particular set of circumstances warrant. This movie moves well. Included are clips that include history... and interviews which look at human loss and suffering. The disturbing look of an American HABIT which Eisenhower warned us against! If you see only one film this yr. this is worth the price of the ticket. Not only is it thought provoking it FINALLY unravels the mystery of what the USA is doing when it ends up in Vietnam and Iraq!

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Reviewed by necula_mihai_florin 10

For me there is an immense sense of anticipation every time the 3 squares that make the BBC logo appear before a program. Maybe I&#39;m bias but there is nothing like a good BBC documentary. And fore sure &quot;Why we Fight&quot; was a treat. You cannot compare it with anything, Farenheit 9/11 is a more of a prank on president Bush, than the real thing. This feel like thorough work, it&#39;s emotional, fact based, good script, and it is finally pointing the finger on the right people: the military-industrial-congress-think tank complex, not to the come and go president Bush / republicans. There is an incredible feeling of insight in the whole system the movie is trying to expose.., and I like the fact that it tells the stories of ordinary people. The really smart thing is that it really leads you to believe that everyone is a little piece in the whole machinery, and how the whole culture of hate emanated by the &quot;free&quot; press of America serves the purposes of the few, and works against the American people.<br/><br/>Maybe I got it wrong but by the end I realized that there are no innocent civilians, cause part of them (3 millions) work in the armament industry, the majority pay taxes (so the US &quot;defence&quot; budget is greater then the combined &quot;defence&quot; budgets of all the nations on earth), and the majority of them for being complete morons voting the wrong people in office, and accepting their faiths without questioning authority.<br/><br/>I is sad, but in a ass-country like Romania, you feel more free than USA throughly is, we demolished oppression and dictatorship, we fought when the neocomunists tried to imposed their will, and we changed governments and systems every 4 years. And surprisingly we could still enter the EU on time, hmm thing are really different. We are now fighting corruption and revealing it the highest levels, and our press feels truly free and incredible powerful.<br/><br/>I don&#39;t know if America could transform IRAK like that, because it tries to impose an already corrupt and nonfunctional model..., Romania is an example that EU is the model for democracy, yes it it bureaucratic, it&#39;s inefficient and it is weak, but it works for the interests of the people it tries to represent.<br/><br/>sorry if I could&#39;t express myself as I would like to, I don&#39;t have English as my mother tongue

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Reviewed by JanieLee 1

I have problems with this film because of the half truth and clear agenda of the movie. Gore Vidal said the Japanes wanted to surrender before the dropping of the A bombs during WWII. It was President Truman who went ahead with it to demonstrate Americas power to the USSR. The truth was some Japanese civilians wanted peace but the military commanders did not. It wasn&#39;t until the combined effort of two A bombs and the invasion of Manchuria(by the USSR) that the Japanes military finally gave up(and some still wanted to continue). I have studied history from the Japanese side of the war and feel I know something about this subject. My point is if the film can&#39;t even get this right how factual is the rest of it? Did Bush sell the American public the war in Iraq? Yes, but this selling of wars has been going for a long time...the Spanish-American war, Mexican-American war, the Indian wars all long before the evil military industrial complex showed up. Had the film been 100% truthful it could have been something to build on. Is the military industrial complex something to worry about? Yes, but the film turned into a Bush bash and America is an evil empire campaign! I was hoping to find out more about the military industrial complex, but instead was treated to the story about the VP and Halaburton. I know about this, its old news. Then they had to show dead civilian Iraqis to create more anti-Bush and anti-American feelings. Never did they show dead Iraqi soldiers, or blown up Iraqi tanks or aircraft not one. Propaganda works best when you take the truth, twist it, ignore some of it and invent the rest. Why we fight? For the truth!

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