Who's Afraid of Vagina Wolf?


Comedy / Romance

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Reviewed by thewoz-1 9

Cool to see the manic pixie dream girl from a lesbian point of view! This film is stylistically very interesting, well shot, beautiful production design/costume design. It's fun, funny and weird. The director/star is unique and lovable, and it pulls on the heartstrings if you've ever known you're SO GOOD for somebody, but they're hung up on the idea of someone else. Watch it!

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Reviewed by whitkwhitley 10

If you're smart, you'll get this movie and love it. If you're an artist who has struggled to make art, you'll get this movie and love it. If you're a lesbian, you'll get this movie and love it. If the title doesn't make any sense to you, then I recommend discovering the work of Virginia Woolf. She's a brilliant and beautiful writer as well as one of the most interesting women in history. If you aren't familiar with Edward Albee's play "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf," I recommend you read the play or at least watch the movie version with Elizabeth Taylor. Understanding these cultural references will help you fully appreciate this film. I loved this movie!!!

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