White Lightnin'


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Reviewed by kosmasp 9

There is no better summary line than the quote I used from the Guardian! The quote is on the poster of the movie too, along with &quot;rollicking terrifying trip&quot; and &quot;white-trash psychobilly nightmare&quot; both by Vanity Fair, and they fit perfectly. This movie is definitely a trip.<br/><br/>A trip that&#39;s worth taking. A movie that you might think is more violent than it actually is. On screen violence is pretty rare, or better put not explicitly. Apart from that, the story of a man (white-trash) is almost linear, but nevertheless confusing and appalling at once.<br/><br/>Bottom line: You&#39;ll either love this movie (because it&#39;s not only out there, but beyond) or you will hate it, because of it&#39;s craziness! I&#39;m not going into story details, just be warned that this isn&#39;t for the faint hearted or overly religious. You could say it offends almost everyone it can!

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Reviewed by petar-mitric 9

This is my 2009. favorite without any reconsideration. Dominic Murphy&#39;s debut is extremely powerful and complex work of Art. I got lucky to see it twice, at Berlinale and European Film Festival Palic, and both times i needed an hour to get sober after watching it. Storyline leads you trough the life of Jesco White, Appalachian step dancer, from the early childhood till the &quot;imaginary&quot; ritual death. Brilliant music and breathtaking performance of young Eduard Hogg makes this film unique experience. Usually i don&#39;t like watching violence on film and if someone tells you this is a slasher movie don&#39;t take him seriously. This is a story of Sins and Redemption. Evil and Divinity. Watch it!

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Reviewed by FridayTN 7

I&#39;m not familiar with the true story of Jesco White. (But I will be soon.) On viewing the film, I was happy with the portrayal of the dark side of life in the backwoods of Appalachia. Not knowing the true story didn&#39;t ruin things for me, and I truly enjoyed the film.<br/><br/>But...<br/><br/>If you&#39;re going to do a lot of research about Southern Appalachia and try to make the film as true to life as possible, it&#39;s unforgivable that Jesse repeatedly refers to one person as &quot;y&#39;all.&quot; Y&#39;all is ALWAYS plural, and is only used when talking to more than one person.<br/><br/>For instance:<br/><br/>When Jesse talks to the fat man about his tattoos, he calls the man &quot;y&#39;all.&quot; No matter how fat a guy is, he&#39;s still one person. Jesse should call him &quot;you.&quot;<br/><br/>When Jesse is talking to his dead father in heaven, he actually calls his father &quot;y&#39;all!&quot; Best I can recollect, the man has/had ONE father.<br/><br/>This issue probably does not bother non-natives much, but it made me disrespectful of this director&#39;s work. Too bad the chosen film location was in Croatia. There was nobody around to correct this glaring error.<br/><br/>Hope y&#39;all enjoy this here review.

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