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Reviewed by the_aids_giver 3

Take a look at them. Most are made by people who have been &quot;members&quot; on IMDb for as long as the lifespan of a Mayfly. <br/><br/>These writings are clearly made by shills. This is the most blatant abuse of IMDb reviews I have ever seen. You&#39;d think they would try harder with their scam to make it seem more convincing. <br/><br/>Why put all that effort into covering for a below average genre vehicle when they could&#39;ve, instead, put the effort into making a good movie?

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Reviewed by briancbrb 1

This was just terrible. Quite possibly the worst movie I&#39;ve ever seen and I&#39;ve seen Ishtar. There is nothing scary about this movie, it&#39;s not horror. It&#39;s suspenseful drama at best, and that&#39;s giving it too much credit. If you watch this movie you will wish you could get that hour and a half of your life back...but you can&#39;t. I unfortunately went off the average review and didn&#39;t actually read the red box reviews, until after I watched it. It was then that I realized all the 4 &amp;5 star reviews all made reference to &quot;girl power&quot; and &quot;go girl&quot;. I guess if a woman directs a movie it&#39;s automatically a great movie. My fiancé and I disagree.

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Reviewed by jaynehood-27679 8

That would be my take on this movie indeed it was decent but also strange and i am convinced i loved it yet feel strange with it but i will say that is a good thing with films these days. It is not your average horror but it is still horror with drama built in. If your in the mood for a decent horror story give this a bash can do far worse.

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