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Reviewed by dr_pretorius2001 7

After many years this fine first film from Jose Ramon Larraz has finally surfaced from an online dealer.<br/><br/>The film itself is amazingly sleazy considering its both British (though registered in Denmark) and from the 60&#39;s, before films like EXPOSE and FRIGHTMARE became the norm. The film has many similarities to other Larraz films of the period, such as being set in rural England during the fall and featuring a severely warped family relationship.<br/><br/>Stars frequent Larraz favorites Karl Lanchbury (in yet another oddball role similar to those in DEVIATION, SCREAM AND DIE and VAMPYRES) and Andrew Grant (also in DEVIATION and EMMA PUERTAS OSCURAS). <br/><br/>Its score is by Stelvio Cipriani, who also did the score for Larraz&#39;s DEVIATION (which was VERY similar to his score for Mario Bava&#39;s TWITCH OF THE DEATH NERVE aka BAY OF BLOOD).

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Reviewed by dunsuls 8

I saw this in the theater way back when.My memory fails over the years but I wish I could see it again.I remember it as a slezzy sort of teasing film except for the ending.Thats what made the film and why so many try to find it today.Alas with no luck.If you can find it,tell the WORLD!!

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Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 8

Jose Ramon Larraz sleazy horror debut tells the story of a perverse relationship between an aspiring model named Julia,a strange young photographer Theo and his middle-aged aunt.Theo initiates a relationship with Julia and even gets her to have sex with his aunt so he can photograph them in the act.Julia is also raped in the woods by his sleazy friend whilst Theo is photographing them.&quot;Whirlpool&quot; was made in Denmark,then dubbed in English and released in US cinemas under the title &quot;She Died with Her Boots On&quot;.I have seen a poor quality timecoded copy of &quot;Whirlpool&quot;,which was found in 2005 on bootleg.The pace is slow and the narrative is thin,but there is enough sleaze and graphic violence to satisfy fans of Euroexploitation.8 whirlpools out of 10.

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