When the Starlight Ends


Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 5.5


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Reviewed by ssigal-41933 9

Sam Hueghan does a 180 Degree turn into an introverted writer, re-writing his lift story several times to be with his love. A few glitches in sound and editing but funny moments and good dialog life this indie.

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Reviewed by zoeray-1 3

In most movies (all movies) editing can make or break a movie. This is the case with When the Starlight Ends, it broke it. It was confusing and choppy. I am only giving this movie 3 ( and I am being generous) stars because I liked Arabella Oz and Sam Heughan. Although they had zero chemistry I did like the funny moments they shared. I would have liked to see how it was originally intended to be seen. The talent of Sam Heughan was a total waste of his talent. They also should have let him keep his accent. I don't normally give negative reviews or reviews at all. If you see this movie just enjoy Sam.

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Reviewed by floppy143 8

In the end, Jacob fails to grasp real life. He goes back to his introverted alternate universe. Like most of us I guess. Choppy editing. Could do with a little more introspection with Cassandra. Really intentionally funny in parts. Overall bittersweet. I like.

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