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Reviewed by The_Void 8

When Strangers Appear wasn&#39;t marketed very well to say the least - the trailer makes it out to be another Scream clone - and that&#39;s a real shame as this little thriller is an excellent film that really deserves to be more seen! New Zealand born director Scott Reynolds previously made the decent psychological thriller &#39;The Ugly&#39;, but with this film he really upped the bar. The beauty of When Strangers Appear is the fact that for most of the film, the audience never really knows what is going on, and that is exactly how a mystery thriller should be! The film starts off as we follow Beth to work. It seems like an ordinary (boring) day, until a strange drifter walks in. After giving him breakfast, he disappears when three surfers turn up. He claims that the surfers are following him and are also the reason for his stab wound. However, the trio of surfers have a very different story, as it transpires that the stranger appears to be a dangerous psychopath. After a shocking turn of events, Beth finds herself in the middle of an extremely dangerous situation.<br/><br/>This film works thanks to the way that Scott Reynolds builds the atmosphere and tension. The central character, Beth, is very easy to feel for; while the supporting cast are all mysterious enough to generate interest themselves. The film is topped off by a whole host of brilliantly tense situations that help to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. The bathroom scene is the biggest standout in this respect, and is positively nail biting! The isolated setting compliments the story excellently, and helps to build intrigue in its own right. The plot builds nicely throughout, and there&#39;s never a shortage of things happening. The fact that the film only features a handful of characters is certainly to its benefit too as it means that the film never loses its focus and this ensures that it&#39;s always easy to buy into the plot. It&#39;s true that When Strangers Appear isn&#39;t very substantial overall, but as a thriller it serves it&#39;s purpose well all the way up until the explosive ending and I see no reason why this film wont be enjoyed by anyone who takes the time to watch it. Very much recommended!

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Reviewed by princess7angel7 7

Wow...I tell you what I really liked this movie when i saw it. I was sitting home watching lifetime and this happened to come on. I was so enthralled by this movie i couldn&#39;t turn away from it. I love Josh Lucas in this movie. I had always been a huge fan of him, like it Sweet Home Alabama. But in this movie you got to see him act in a different way, he actually got to take on a darker roll. I didn&#39;t think that it would work but it totally did! This movie was full of twists and turns. Reading the other comments everyone says that they didn&#39;t like the ending but i thought that the ending was pretty good. How they made it switch on and on from person to person. It was a little bit hard to follow but in the end it made it all that much more worth it. I would definitely recommend this movie!

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Reviewed by gridoon 8

In 1997, Scott Reynolds made an impressive writing and directing debut with &quot;The Ugly&quot;, although his story was a bit too shallow and his direction a bit overly flashy. This time, with his compelling, perspective-shifting script and taut direction, he achieves moments of true brilliance - so many, in fact, that it&#39;s hard to pick just one (the little girl who witnesses a violent struggle but doesn&#39;t understand it? The sink that may not hold the weight of a man? The killer silently stalking his victim in the toilets, using an admittedly old trick?). This man could very well develop into the Hitchcock of the next generation - the movie even has its own McGuffin to propel the plot (the computer disk). The first half is essentially a mystery, with plenty of twists; when the truth becomes (somewhat) clear, the movie becomes a full-blown thriller, and it offers one absolutely astounding suspense sequence after another. Don&#39;t miss it. (***)

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