What's My Name: Muhammad Ali


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Reviewed by genious-35413 10

I have watched many and ANY documentary I can find on Muhammed Ali - including the obvious When We Were Kings. While that one is great, this is the DEFINITIVE movie of Ali. It is a flawless account of the greatest boxer of all time.

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Reviewed by Vaak0 10

This documentary explained and showed things I did not know about the greatest boxer of all time and I am a HUGE Muhammad Ali fan. In and out of the ring he was the greatest from boxing to his humanitarian work, this documentary covered it all. I literally had a lump in my throat towards the end. Great job and thank you.

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Reviewed by zkonedog 7

One&#39;s enjoyment of &quot;What&#39;s My Name&quot; can, I think, be anticipated with a simple question: how much do you already know about Ali? If little, you&#39;ll love this. If much, you&#39;ll be entertained but likely not put it in the upper echelon of Ali docs.<br/><br/>I fall into the latter camp of that previous question, having read multiple books on Ali and pretty much seen all the relevant docs. When I saw the title of this HBO production, I thought that it would delve more into the social/political side of Ali, but instead it proved to be pretty much a straight bio of his career both inside and outside the boxing ring.<br/><br/>Because it is HBO at the wheel, the production value could not be higher and it does pull out some photos/videos I had never seen before. However, as a seasoned Ali scholar, I couldn&#39;t help but be slightly disappointed that &quot;What&#39;s My Name&quot; didn&#39;t &quot;pick a lane, so to speak&quot;, and try to examine one issue of his life instead of tackling the whole ball of wax. Because I this, I have to rate 2009&#39;s &quot;Facing Ali&quot; and 2014&#39;s &quot;I Am Ali&quot; as better docs overall.<br/><br/>All of that being said, if this is perhaps the first Ali doc a viewer has ever watched, it will make quite an impression, as it does hit all the relevant points in his life and contains great music and interviews. It&#39;s long--nearly three hours--but never feels boring or slow.<br/><br/>So, ultimately, one&#39;s appreciation of &quot;What&#39;s My Name&quot; will almost certainly be determined by what they&#39;ve seen of him before. Anyone can enjoy this, but Ali &quot;scholars&quot; may struggle with the lack of any new angle.

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