What Other Couples Do


Comedy / Drama

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Reviewed by kmakenas 10

Personally I truly enjoyed the movie, as each couple reminded of friends. The four couples are at a different point in their lives: one couple is childless, one has been married a while and has two young children, one of the couples is trying to get pregnant, and another has a young son and is going through a divorce. <br/><br/>The movie touches on many different topics that couples talk about in real life, including sex. When the men and women hang out away from each other, the conversations get more interesting, especially when each camp talks about their spouses. Things are disclosed that may have the audience scratching their heads, wondering if that&#39;s what&#39;s going on in their own relationship. Like, when the women tell their girlfriend her husband is amazing, she says she would never reveal that to him, because she&#39;s afraid it&#39;d give him too much power! And when the women talk about their sex lives, you sigh in relief, knowing it&#39;s not just you experiencing what they describe. Fun is poked at both genders and everyone in the group even rips on themselves a bit, making the characters genuine and fun to watch. <br/><br/>They all decided to spend the night, which means they can drink more. To make it even more interesting, Michelle suggests they play Seven Minutes in Heaven, in which each person draws a name and gets to spend seven minutes in a closet with that person, kissing or doing whatever they want. A few are reluctant, but eventually they end up going along with it, since everyone else is. To insure no one discusses the game afterward, they all sign an agreement. When they start to play, it&#39;s a bit nerve-wracking for them, wondering who they will be matched up with and what will happen in the closet. While in the closet, some talk, some get right to the making out, and some find it comfortable and safe enough to disclose personal details about their relationships. <br/><br/>Overall, the movie is quite entertaining due to the excellent acting, intriguing story, and the interesting and comical dialogue, which includes lines like, &quot;Rich people have problems, too. They have to worry about guests ejaculating on their wallpaper.&quot; If you&#39;re married, engaged, divorced you definitely will enjoy this movie!

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Reviewed by deborah-voorhees1961 10

Four couples come together for a dinner at their wealthy friends&#39; home and daringly decide to play &quot;Seven Minutes in Heaven,&quot; risking ripping their relationships a part. Most the action, in &quot;What Other Couples Do&quot;, takes place at this single location, but director and writer Courtney Daniels keeps the action going with witty dialogue and compelling characters. Daniels brings out the comedy in the relationships between men and women without losing the emotional honesty. It&#39;s the kind of movie that makes you think and want to chat about it afterward because some how it manages to be about every relationship. This indie film is well worth watching.

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Reviewed by smithellie1966 5

Fifteen minutes into the movie and I wanted to turned it off, but then decided to continue. What turned me off initially was the appearing &quot;falkeness&quot; of the characters. Then I decided it was intentional, it was a sarcastic portrayal of an average American couple (s) . An intentional exaggeration. Their empty conversations and dialogues were dismal and their bickering annoying, in my opinion. Then it became more interesting as the movie progressed. Some of the male actors were miscast. None of them looked much older than 26 years old Brad, however they were talking about themselves as if they were over 40 or approaching. The acting was just OK.

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