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Reviewed by coastdaze 2

Flat out this movie was too gross to appreciate the infrequent funny lines. This is about a nasty female in corporate America. I was surprised and disappointed in Taraji taking on this kind of low-class role. For me there was nothing at all entertaining about this movie and it ticked me off seeing another portrayal of this type of woman. I'm trying to think of something to say about the movie, but I can't. It had nothing in it to make it stand out. It was silly and portrayed the ugly, nasty side of some women today. Ultra formula comedy and a waste of film, imo. Gosh, I really dislike it when they put out trash like this...as you can probably tell.

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Reviewed by kitkat-96641 1

Storyline way too somilar as the orginal bored ne walked out after 20 mins and got refund

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Reviewed by lizshotter-19401 1

It's 2019 and we're still being force fed offensive and tired stereotypes of men and women, like geese being prepped for fois gras. It's just boring now. My two boys (22 and 15) have more insight into women than this film tried to give, and they represent a generation that stands with, and respects, women more than any other before it. And it's gratifying to see, but its so dismaying to witness films like this that are still painting men as unfaithful, insensitive and "all the same", and women are labelled as ballsy for treating men appallingly and emancipating them. I appreciate that there was supposed to be a redemption arc to the protagonist, but it gets lost at the expense of the same old tired cliches for cheap laughs. Even the films posters had her holding a pair of tennis balls..*sigh* I'm glad that so many men are writing reviews in recognition of this, we are moving forward, but films like this keep trying to keep us in the dark ages. So tone deaf given the progress we are all trying to make.

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