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Reviewed by jonathanblackham 8

A delightfully simple, but elegant comedy where a struggling writer and his wildly successful pen name are pitted against each other (or himself). The comedy is spot on and appropriate for all ages, with the plot and acting quite stellar on all counts. This movie is not only believable, but the take home message will resonate with audiences from all walks of life.

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Reviewed by keystonedata 10

My wife and I were laughing out loud through the whole thing, and very few movies do that for both of us. The lead male and female are both incredibly good at being comically uncomfortable, and the quirky story line (contrived in a good way) with eccentric supporting characters gives them plenty of opportunity. It's set in Utah, and there are a couple of passing mentions of Mormon this or that, but in no way is it about being Mormon or poking fun at the culture. It's just a funny "what if a popular romance series were secretly written by a grumpy guy" yarn.

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Reviewed by kflandro 9

Funny, surprisingly fresh and charming movie about a writer, his alias and his phobias. Christopher Gorham is so talented as the star and director of this film. I took my two children (ages 9 and 11) with me to see it, and while it is not a children's movie, we all loved it. Do yourself a favor and enjoy this one.

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