We Die Young


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Reviewed by terranigma-26136 9

Like the guy before i prefer classic actors of 90s hollywood like van damme, washington or pitt. They exactly know how to act and show expression. There is not the budget of snobbish hollywood but that fact makes the film even more solid. Think the only reviewers that will downrate here are haters.

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Reviewed by vandamito 10

Great bet for the budget of this film would say that Van Damme wants to finish his career but the script is a little weak but the other aspects are excellently very well but very well achieved Jean-Claude from a long time to be just an action hero congratulations

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Reviewed by ryan-59722 10

I thought this movie was very well done, for it&#39;s budget. JCVD said they only had 30 people on the crew rather than 300 like a normal big budget movie. So for what it&#39;s worth the movie was done very well IMO. It&#39;s not your typical JCVD movie with all his spin kicks and stuff. Instead he&#39;s a junky soldier with PSTD but trying to make a meager living. The story is more about these kids in MS-13 being used by the drug lord to run drugs around the city. JCVD gets caught up with the boys when they get in trouble and all hell breaks loose. JCVD isn&#39;t really a figher in this but more of a solder trained with guns.<br/><br/>The acting was great, the car chase scene was intense. It&#39;s a drama that grows on you. Drama with action. I think JCVD has risen to a new level in acting on this movie.. His crew members, The main MS-13 guy and the boys did an excellent job too. I watched the movie yesterday and going to watch it again today. This movie really grows on you.

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