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Reviewed by Gigistoys-1 1

From the first scene, I thought it was a bad porno movie. The acting was that bad. I can't even begin to list the "goofs". How it ever got to the big screen is amazing.

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Reviewed by sashamilan 10

A great movie that is a must see. I highly respect you Phill Penza for what you are trying to do in Phoenix Arizona. You go get it.

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Reviewed by gothic-fiction 2

So why was this movie ever made? Perhaps to launch someone&#39;s career, to make a name for the director, a personal bucket list wish, we will never know, as clearly it&#39;s none of the above.<br/><br/>Water is so bad, like nothing I&#39;ve seen in quite a while now, close to a 1 but I&#39;m going to give it a two, simply because some of the actors gave it a fair shot. Talking about the script, now green lighting that must have been done by a young child that can&#39;t read yet, and it should have remained nothing more than a doodle on a piece of paper.<br/><br/>Just, don&#39;t watch it, don&#39;t look at it, it has absolutely nothing to offer you. One of the worst productions of its kind. Shame, shame, shame.<br/><br/>Cheers!

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