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Reviewed by MikeHunt1075 2

A couple purchase a nice big new house in a dying town for a steal at an auction. However, no one told them anything about the houses past. Locals moved away because of the events tgat took place there, and the new owners and their friends are starting to realise the steal may cost them their lives.<br/><br/>Sounds interesting enough when you describe it like that, but the movie suffers from one god awful rushed ending. It&#39;s like half a script was written and given a green-light to shoot it, but either made the mistake of not having written a good ending first; made the mistake of hiring an amateur to finish the 3rd act, or ran out of money and filmed whatever came to mind first on the last day of filming. Had this movie had a decent ending, it could have been a decent flick.<br/><br/>It obviously had a budget, and the filmmaking is fine, nothing wrong with that, the editing or actors. It&#39;s the amount of unanswered setups that lead to nothing with no pay-off that leaves you wondering why they bothered to go with the direction it took. Especially when the tagline of the movie is &quot;look out for the signs&quot; that are supposed to be warning them... bad answer buzzer sound. Nothing really of the sort takes place, its a misleading tagline as i wont write spoilers, but i can tell you that the tagline is not the case at all.<br/><br/>It&#39;s not a horror, maybe more suspense thriller, but not a great one. It could have been a decent supernatural themed movie, but like I said, nothing set-up pays off, and the stupid rushed ending ruins the entire thing.<br/><br/>I&#39;d recommend you skip this film, don&#39;t bother with it, and not even check it out if the chance comes along to watch it for free. It&#39;s just a disappointing hour and a half of your life you won&#39;t get back.

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Reviewed by ivieobrien 10

This movie was entertaining and easy to follow. I loved that the characters didn&#39;t do stupid things that no intelligent human being would do, but rather made moves anyone who was scared to death would do. Great writing and awesome cast. Will watch again and share with friends. Thumbs way up!

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Reviewed by kannibalcorpsegrinder 7

Heading out to a remote house, a group of friends arrive to look over the property and prepare it to move in, but when they&#39;re inundated by strange dreams and visions of something in the house with them they realize what&#39;s going on around them and must get out of the house alive.<br/><br/>There was more to like here than expected. One of the more enjoyable features here is the strong sense of atmosphere throughout here that comes from some far more chilling scenes. The early parts of the film focus nicely on the quick flashes of a figure crossing behind someone&#39;s back that they&#39;re unaware of or showing gnarled fingers reaching out to grab them, giving off some great hints that something is going on. The later dreams are just as creepy, with the vision of the ghost girl contorting herself to chase after the victim or the later one featuring the murder of the family taking place at the house and help to give this one more context for the last half of the film. This final half is where this one sets itself up as being rather enjoyable. Dropping the supernatural aspects with the random mention of the real history behind the house, the shift in tone and appearance into more of a slasher film complete with a human killer, and some traditional elements found in that scene. From the discovery of the bodies and realizing that the killer has already been there to a fine series of stalking scenes throughout the grounds of the house which has some suspenseful moments and decent kills in the process. Coupled with a fine, imposing killer that looks suitably appropriate to handle the physical activity here and a fine, brisk pace that allows this to zip by, there are some entertaining elements There are a few flaws here, and they all stem from one place in the generally weak story. There&#39;s no storytelling going on here at all, shifting from the appearance of the ghosts at the house which doesn&#39;t cause any concern about why they&#39;re there especially since the twist at the end makes the fact that they&#39;re there at the house pointless. This one should&#39;ve given them a reason to be there by spelling out the backstory on the house since that&#39;s dropped in a haphazard manner an hour into the film with no warning and missing plenty of holes in what it&#39;s trying to get across. All it does is serve as the motive to suddenly introduce the human killer for an unknown reason which would&#39;ve been great to get more info on if we had more time here which is not the case and the biggest detriment to the film.<br/><br/>Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence and Graphic Language.

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