Wake Up


Horror / Thriller

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Reviewed by Mack Lambert 7

A psychiatrist is studying the diary of a girl who murdered her family, and would later end up committing suicide. The longer he reads the journal for his report, the more paranoid and insane he becomes. It reaches a climax where doctor&#39;s state of mind will affect more people than he realizes.<br/><br/>I saw this as my local mom and pop theater in Buffalo, and I enjoyed it. I appreciated the hints of Lovecraftian elements (a person going insane while reading something they weren&#39;t supposed to). The opening sequence was suspenseful, and well edited. The only put off was a blatant display of incest, which struck me as shock for the sake of shock. Also, the sound editing was off with the music overpowering the dialogue at points.<br/><br/>Other than that, this is a good movie, plain and simple. Support indie horror, and give this film a look.

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Reviewed by hampersnow-28905 1

I have to admit I only made it through about 12 minutes of this movie. I can enjoy low budget if it&#39;s at least well filmed or can keep me interested but this is low budget on a level of let&#39;s use friends and relatives and a neighbors house and an old camera i bought at the flea market to film this unimaginative script I wrote last weekend. When you get every element of a film wrong , why bother ? The opening sequences of the film are so poorly done, so poorly shot and acted that I had no hope it could get better. Even the opening titles looked cheap and amateurish. In 2019 I guess everyone thinks they are a film maker.

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Reviewed by aldiboronti 1

My compliments to anyone who managed to stay awake for the whole film. My sympathies too. The movie is so badly acted, so cheaply made and so boring that most people will be gently snoring 20 minutes in. At least that way they can avoid having to endure this mess. An example of its low budget: when the doctor is in the hospital we see a sign on the wall, Ward C. You can tell it&#39;s made of paper or card and has simply been stuck on the wall. OK, i know it must be hard making movies on a minuscule budget but seriously,, guys? As for the acting .... wooden? We&#39;re talking IKEA here.The summation is by all means watch it but don&#39;t expect to stay awake.

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