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Reviewed by christopouloschris-58388 9

Volition is a compelling sci-fi film that will grab and hold fast your attention from the start through to the very end. It deals with themes we are familiar with in science fiction: time travel, notions of free will vs destiny and Fate. Instead of finding ourselves along with the characters stuck in the usual endless temporal loop, the action rapidly moves between time periods in a novel and interesting way. The essential clues are there and do make sense and not everything is necessarily what it seems.<br/><br/>The actors give very competent and strong performances and you&#39;ll find yourself thinking for each one, &quot;I&#39;ve see that actor before.&quot; Chances are you&#39;ve probably seen them in a number of roles in other fine films and series.<br/><br/>Volition works well not just as faced-paced entertainment but also on the cerebral level as it forces us to consider aspects of own existence: To what extent are our lives and indeed our possible futures determined by the choices we make and the free will we exercise? OR Is free will just an illusion and are we merely playing roles that have been predetermined along the road towards a fate that is set in stone?

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Reviewed by gpsychos2-239-278464 4

So this movie was just ok. Nothing spectacular and definitely nothing new. As a matter of fact this story arc has been done a million times. This is one of those movies you already know how its going to end a quarter of the way into watching it. I held out for maybe a genuine twist something I hadnt seen before and now I wish I hadnt because it ended exactly how I imagined it would. Good guy beats bad guys and saves girl by time traveling only it seems he wont because it gets all convoluted. The End. Only this ending is probably one of the worst ive seen as the main character doesnt even try he just decides to stop in the middle of his time travel loop therfore avoiding a bloody end? Wow is it really that easy? Guess in Hollywood movie making it is.. Booooooriiing

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Reviewed by hankbrns 8

It looked like another psychic loser that couldn&#39;t make enough money to keep up his rent.In short order it turned into a semi-love story which soon morphed into an ingenious time-travel yarn!Unexpected twists popped up and the plot changed from a modest jog in the park to a to a warp-speed relay race.

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