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Reviewed by FrenchEddieFelson 5

The photography, the costumes, the sets, the hairstyles, ... it&#39;s truly a masterpiece! Otherwise, the film is excessively cold and intellectual, with an almost-platonic relationship between two female writers, <a href="/name/nm0755334/">Vita Sackville-West</a> and <a href="/name/nm0941173/">Virginia Woolf</a>, in the late 20&#39;s, in an exuberant aristocratic environment. From the beginning to the end, I was honestly outside the film, without ever being able to absorb the atmosphere, because of an almost-permanent boredom. Even the gorgeous <a href="/name/nm2605345/">Gemma Arterton</a> has managed to make myself asleep. Literally incredible!

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Reviewed by bob998 6

First, let me say I&#39;d go see Gemma Arterton reading the phone book: she has the rare facility of being able to play period stories as well as contemporary ones. She&#39;s great as Gemma Bovery and the Duchess of Malfi. She&#39;s well supported by Isabella Rossellini as Lady Sackville who tries without success to call Vita back to reality.<br/><br/>Second, what quirk of casting gave us Elizabeth Debicky, not yet thirty, as Virginia Woolf who started her three-year relationship (1925-28) with Vita at age 43? She just can&#39;t carry off the part of a woman in early middle age, and what&#39;s more she has this irritating drawl/vocal fry that put me off for most of the picture. So if you wish to see this interesting story, be aware it&#39;s been handled before (Portrait of a Marriage, The Hours) and sometimes better.

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Reviewed by Pairic 7

Vita and Virginia: A story of the romance between Vita Sackville-West (Gemma Arterton) and Virginia Woolf (Elizabeth Debicki). Both were novelists and though Vita outsold Virginia she envied her literary standard. The vulnerable Woolf and the flamboyant West made for a troubled relationship. They first meet at a party where Virginia is dressed in male Elizabethan costume, bringing to mind Tilda swinton in Orlando. Their growing friendship is related through letters where the actors speak to camera, when problems de coeur occur, one of them will remain tight-lipped. Virginia was regarded by many as just being mad but her illness was central to her genius as the film so richly illustrates. The novel Orlando by Woolf was inspired by her affair and friendship with Vita. Director and co-writer Chanya Buttons delivers an interesting snapshot of a period in Woolf&#39;s life, the Bloomsbury set and the decadence of the British Ruling Class in the 1920s. 8/10.

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