Vincent N Roxxy


Crime / Drama

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Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 4

Vincent (Emile Hirsch) rescues Roxxy (Zo? Kravitz) from being attacked. She reveals that she&#39;s in trouble after her brother&#39;s murder. Vincent is reluctantly helping his brother JC (Emory Cohen) start his own garage. JC&#39;s girlfriend Kate (Zoey Deutch) helps Roxxy get a job at the bar. JC is unable to let go of violence and Roxxy&#39;s trouble follows her.<br/><br/>This is a violent crime drama. With a couple of intriguing actors, this seems set for an interesting movie. In the end, the writing is not up to the job and the directing has limitations. It needs to get to the conflict sooner. There are too many filler scenes especially in the first act. The dialogue is weak. Hirsch and Kravitz could have been great but they are allowed to be static. The violence is a little shocking at first but it is nowhere enough to save this.

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Reviewed by badinfluence-21828 1

What a shitty movie. All this movie does is give stupid people bad ideas.<br/><br/>Mindless and unrealistic, Emil Hirsch and Zoe Kravitz shouldn&#39;t have lowered themselves to such garbage.<br/><br/>A total waste of good actors talents. I can understand Zoe being new getting experience but Emile? Come on man.

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Reviewed by ksyliniglwssa 1

...that makes you think about life. About the choices you &#39;ve made and the wrong turns you took, to end up spending your time, watching movies like this one.<br/><br/>But since you can not turn back time, the only thing you can do, is warn other people to stay away.

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