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Reviewed by edbina 9

I remember seeing "Victor's Big Score" a few years back. It was very funny, with a distinct flair for visual comedy, but the humor was very dark. If you like your comedy black, which I do, this film is a riot. Though the entire cast was fun, the old lady, Thelma, really stole the show. The story was colorful, eccentric, but more than a little strange. For those who take their comedy left-of-center, I highly recommend this film.

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Reviewed by Bill-217 7

I saw Victor's Big Score when it first premiered in Boston in 1992, and was more than pleasantly surprised by the film. Its humor is black, yet it has a heart of pure gold at its center. The characters are complex and wonderfully drawn, the plot inventive and surprising. The cast, while relative unknowns, shines brightly. This is obviously due to both the hilarious script and the careful attention Director Brian Anthony paid to crafting the multi-layered performances. I would recommend this film to anyone without hesitation, and hope I can get it on video one of these days.

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Reviewed by rwa-12 8

As a technician specializing in movie theaters now and then I am asked to screen a film. This is usually for either the filmmaker or production staff. Sometimes these films are just horrid but not always every now and then there is a gem. Last month I was asked to screen a 35mm print of Victor's Big Score, a film that apparently has remained unseen for two decades. I wasn't expecting it to hold my interest but it did. It is a funny movie, and while I agree with the other reviews that the old lady is great, the other players are good too, especially the actor who plays Victor. The animated scenes during the hurricane are hilarious, especially when a car/boat makes its way across a river during a raging storm. This is not a multi million dollar feature but it looked real good owing to the fact is was shot on film and never used a video inter negative. It looked so good I was surprised to find out it was shot on the super 16 format. Highly recommended.

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