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Reviewed by johnnyutarefson 1

People on YouTube produce better videos than this. All the people on this seemed camera shy and awkward. This really did bore the living daylights out of me. Also the editing is really annoying. Trying to be funny or clever by repeating Margaret Thatcher over and over again.<br/><br/>If you&#39;re really interested in video nasties, just go on YouTube and search &quot;video nasties&quot;.. you&#39;ll.. find a bunch of great channels discussing them like &quot;lampyman101&quot; and many more.<br/><br/>The thing with this is the people. They&#39;re not good at making documentaries or communicating. A bunch of stiffs. Not interesting. Boring.

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Reviewed by Smashingsteve 1

Don&#39;t even understand this exist. There are much better (and better made) docs out there on the subject. So no new info, only a bunch of unknowns talking and talking about dry stuff everybody knows. The framing, sound, lighting and editing is really bad and cheap. When I start watching it, I had no idea it was the 3rd part of the VHS Lives doc &#39;franchise&#39;... But I should have known. Those two docs where also made with no actual visual eye or interesting cutting. Ater watching 17 minutes of this boring garbage I wanted to give up and spend my time better, but I held on... Well that are 95 minuten that I will never get back. Avoid! And watch Video Nasties 1 and 2 by Jake West (Doghouse) and Marc Morris instead!!

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