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Reviewed by TwistedContent 7

With &quot;Bliss&quot;, Joe Begos shot right up to the top of my favorite horror directors, and &quot;VFW&quot; continues his wildly fun reign successfully. While it&#39;s not without its faults, &quot;VFW&quot; raises true grindhouse hell, soaked in neon, coated in the grainy 16mm aesthetic, full of gory delights &amp; led by a truly amazing, in-for-it-all veteran cast. What else could a man want?<br/><br/>&quot;VFW&quot; is a much too rare type of movie in our era, which is not saying much, it being universally acknowledged as an 80&#39;s throwback midnight flick, but we need more movies like this. I do. &quot;VFW&quot; is highly and undeniably entertaining from start to finish, full of splatterhouse action, practical FX mayhem, various kills and thrills - all the goodies a horror fan needs. The real attraction, however, is the movie&#39;s core cast, the 80&#39;s stars in an 80&#39;s kind of movie. Stephen Lang, Fred Williamson, Martin Kove, William Sadler and more provide snappy, relatable and just plain awesome characters having fun together and killing punks. A simple siege scenario, a classic good guys vs. bad guys idea, no twists, just a straight-forward, easily digestible fun. From a critical point of view, &quot;VFW&quot; lacks depth, feels a little disposable, has a high enough predictability factor &amp; doesn&#39;t have all that much to say, but, frankly, throughout the 90 minutes, I couldn&#39;t care less. The script by Brallier and McArdle doesn&#39;t always hit the spot, not the entirety of the grizzled, old-school me-and-the-boys dialogues come off as organic &amp; the narrative is shallow enough, but Joe Begos knows exactly how to treat it. Taking &quot;VFW&quot; on its own terms, nothing can go wrong, it&#39;s kinda like a grindhouse-indie &quot;The Expendables&quot;, just cooler and with a lot more sauce.<br/><br/>&quot;VFW&quot;, however flawed, will (and has) find its place in the heart of genre fans for it can&#39;t really fail, only in the hands of those who despise violence, old-school shenanigans &amp; everything&#39;s that awesome. Joe Begos is, without a doubt, one of the best directors working the indie scene right now &amp; I&#39;m eager to hear what&#39;s next in store for us. My rating: 7/10

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Reviewed by Fella_shibby 9

Saw this without watching the trailer n was pleasantly surprised.The poster with the old fellas with various weapons in their hands were sufficient to entice me into seeing this film.<br/><br/>We have Martin Kove, Stephen Lang, William Sadler, David Patrick Kelly, Fred Williamson n George Wendt.<br/><br/>The plot has been done umpteenth no of times but that shud not deter u from seeing this transgressively violent n deeply &#39;70s style thriller.<br/><br/>The film&#39;s pacing is taut, performances r good, the gore is over the top and the only drawback is the film&#39;s lighting and cinematography, maybe the budget, but then again this shud not deter u from seeing this film.<br/><br/>Some of the scenes r purposely grimy with a worn-out look.Few attack scenes r shot in a very fast forward way with bad lighting which makes it hard to distinguish what&#39;s happening.The gore effects, the camaraderie between the oldies, taut pacing n the action compensates the minor flaws.<br/><br/>Fans of Rio Bravo, Night Of The Living Dead, Assault On Precinct 13, Straw Dogs, Cyborg n Mulberry St. will definitely enjoy this low budget gem.<br/><br/>P.S. Watch out for the antlers kill scene n the knee to face smashing one.By the way William Sadler needs to lose some weight n his puffy face but it was good to see him in a major role, that too with a chainsaw n driving Deuce and a Half straight into the enemy&#39;s face.

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Reviewed by ntj-film 8

Joe Begos is quickly becoming my absolut favorite indie director.Coming off his fantastic down n&#39; dirty vampire flick Bliss, he is now back with his take on the classic siege film, doused in his trademarks of excessive gore, synth/metal score and neon lights.<br/><br/>The overall story is the very definition of simplicity and works all the better for it.It truly feels like a movie from a bygone Era populated with rugged old-times battling leatherclad junk peddlers to the blood spattered end.<br/><br/>If you love movies like Carpenter&#39; Assault on Precinct 13/Escape from New York, I&#39;m confident you&#39;ll find something here to your liking.<br/><br/>Hope you enjoy it.

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