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Reviewed by sfsports-883-717214 10

This is an eye-opening film with many surprising moments. It touches on a lot of subjects and controversial moments in the Williams sisters' careers. There are some raw emotions at the core of this film, and it offers a significant glimpse into how they became the superstar athletes we know today. Even if you think you knew a lot about Venus and Serena before, you'll feel like you know much more after seeing it. The filmmakers managed to get a lot of unfiltered access, and we're lucky to see and hear the Williams discuss things you rarely get to hear them speak about. This film is touching, honest, funny, and very real. It's definitely one of the best documentaries of the year.

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Reviewed by kz917-1 6

An interesting look at the Williams Sisters. The story behind Venus & Serena's rise to fame. Tiger parents is a name too kind for their mom and dad. Their father got it into his head that they would become tennis superstars and he stopped at nothing until that became a reality. Their success gives youngsters everywhere hope at greatness.

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Reviewed by emmabettyesther 10

I love this documentary about these 2 extraordinary sisters and great American champions!! Even more impressive is that they are still going strong in 2013 and holding up the banner single handily for American tennis!<br/><br/>Kudos to Venus and Serena&#39;s extraordinary parents for instilling in them such self-belief and confidence! I hate when I watch tennis and I see tennis players looking up to their box for coaching or parents yelling out instructions. Venus and Serena were taught to believe in themselves and it shows in how they figure out to win even when they aren&#39;t playing their best tennis.<br/><br/>God bless these all-time greats, Venus and Serena, and God bless America!!

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