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This was what you would expect from one of those straight-to-DVD type movies, nothing too fanciful as far as plot, however the imagery, the set, the film quality, and the scenery were perfect.<br/><br/>After watching the trailer I figured that an American producer wanted to make a movie with a famous star so Luke Perry was used and wished to save a lot of costs so they filmed in Germany. I was close, it was a German company wanting to make an &quot;American&quot; looking movie but by using Germany as the location with German actors and then getting Luke Perry from the bargain bin for name recognition. I didn&#39;t realize how hard it was to pull off trying to look American, but after watching the movie I see how hard it is.<br/><br/>On the one hand, I was amused by the German actors trying to play American cops and a hooker, trying to sound American by using American sayings, but they all had heavy German accents. It was so awful it was funny. I felt bad for the movie&#39;s legitimacy, but for some reason it didn&#39;t detract from my enjoyment of the film. Then I even noticed it in the brother-sister main characters, albeit incredibly minute, they clearly had better training, but once you catch it, you notice it really strongly. I like how the mailbox said &quot;US Mail&quot; and the cops had the American flag badges on their uniform, but no one had American accents! Phone calls had European dial rings, and even the voicemail lady saying &quot;the mailbox is full&quot; had a hard time trying to hide her German accent. I tried looking for plugs on the walls, to find the European style to outlets, but I was kind of busy trying to watch the movie, too.<br/><br/>I watch all Luke Perry movies as he is my fave actor, so this is why I watched it. It was fun B-movie entertainment, so you can&#39;t really get let down. Luke&#39;s acting was fine, everyone else was just trying too hard to be American they didn&#39;t have enough energy after that to be amazing actors, but it was still fine and the story was still told. Also, the little girl&#39;s acting and accent was perfect. <br/><br/>All in all, I would recommend this movie if you want to see how Germany tries making American movies, it&#39;s cute. Plus Luke Perry is a psycho, so that&#39;s cool too. I imagine that the producers made the movie, got their tax credits, and aimed to only show it to a German audience to say &quot;Hey look, an American movie with an American actor,&quot; so they probably don&#39;t expect much from the North American audience. So, I would say their mission was successful. Apparently their business model is a success because they have done the same thing with Corey Feldman and other quasi-known actors, surrounding them with Germans trying to portray Americans. Hey, if it works, good for them.

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