Uppity: The Willy T. Ribbs Story


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Reviewed by gabore9-428-222670 9

This is Carolla's best documentary so far. Great pacing, suspense and a very charismatic protagonist. He was very pleased with this on his podcast, but rightly so.

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Reviewed by emoidiot187 10

I knew a bit about Willy but wanted to know more. Thank God this documentary came out. So well done and entertaining. I rarely cry during docs but...

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Reviewed by rafaeljrtorres 10

Is a sad movie that reminds us how bad it was/still is racism (injustice) but had me with tears of joy at the end, knowing that Wllly never give up.<br/><br/>Extremity well produced documentary with an outstanding narrative, that brings hope by showing us that not all white guys in Motorsports are evil... because indeed, it is a cut throat field where the good bud white guys network always seems to win...<br/><br/>Well done, well done Adama Carolla!<br/><br/>PS: people that blames his attitude had never been treated differently for no apparent reason, or ask themselves why I have to try harder than my counter parts? A victim of society, Willy was in fight mode at all time and on top having to prove he had something to offer to the teams as the other drivers (caucasian), and since is Motorsports, Willy had to prove that he was better than them, because that&#39;s why we rave!

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