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Reviewed by pamjoypeanut 1

Just finished (barely) sitting through 2 excruciating hours of the worst Hallmark movie I have ever seen. The acting was horrible and there was zero chemistry between the main actors. The whole thing was completely unbelievable. The only redeeming factor were the dogs. They were more believable than any of the characters. Plus they were adorable.

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Reviewed by istara 2

I was excited to watch this after reading several other very positive reviews. I&#39;m happy to see twists and adaptations of Jane Austen, such as &quot;Lost in Austen&quot; which was excellent, or &quot;Clueless&quot; (closely based on Emma).<br/><br/>This film simply had nothing to do with Austen save for a couple of names. It wasn&#39;t just that the entire plot and subplots of Pride &amp; Prejudice were absent, but the tone was entirely wrong. <br/><br/>The main character &quot;Liz&quot; is rude and gauche and quite stupid from the outset. As an example, Mr Darcy quotes: &quot;my good opinion once lost is lost forever&quot; and Liz asks with genuine bewilderment &quot;what does that mean?&quot;<br/><br/>Mr Darcy just smirks and looks handsome. There&#39;s no real arrogance, just a fairly polite rich boy.<br/><br/>So let&#39;s put aside Austen and not judge this movie on that, since there are really no true associations between the two.<br/><br/>Is this a good move in itself, then, as a lighthearted romance? It&#39;s certainly not my kind of movie, even though I enjoy romance. I&#39;ve seen a couple of other Hallmark movies (the one with Leanne Rimes and Eddie Cibrian springs to mind) and while they&#39;re pretty saccharine fare, they&#39;re not bad for what they are. They&#39;re watchable.<br/><br/>But &quot;Unleashing Mr Darcy&quot; is truly dire. It&#39;s pastel cutesy shiny glossy all the way, no depth, nothing funny or even plausible. There&#39;s no romantic tension or chemistry. You won&#39;t find yourself caring about any of the characters. If you enjoyed Legally Blonde but groaned with disappointment at the execrable sequel, you&#39;ll get a sense of how and why this is so awful.<br/><br/>The constant music is also profoundly irritating: the movie is barely allowed to breathe without the silly, frothy, jingly tunes bouncing up every few seconds.<br/><br/>I simply don&#39;t get what there is to enjoy here. I&#39;ve been watching quite a few comedies - including &quot;screwball&quot; comedies - from the 1930s and 1940s recently, and they are so much funnier, sharper and overall more adult than slack lowball fare like this.<br/><br/>In summary: there&#39;s really nothing for Austen fans here, and there&#39;s really nothing for romance fans either. It&#39;s not even a &quot;watch once&quot; for me, you&#39;ll have wasted your time.

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Reviewed by ladymustang-12160 1

I had heard good things about this movie, so I was looking forward to it. But this is the first Hallmark movie that I can remember where there really is nothing redeeming about it.<br/><br/>First off, as someone who used to show dogs, their entire depiction of dog shows was just absolutely laughable. There was nothing even remotely realistic about it. There are some dogs in the ring, but then the female lead gets called in separately by number? And then leaves again and then comes back for final review? Yeah, no, that&#39;s not how it works. The so-called judge barely touches the dog. And why are there several different types of dogs in the ring at once? And no, they don&#39;t hang the ribbons around the necks of the handlers. Oh my gosh. Just no. Completely absurd.<br/><br/>Now I&#39;ve got that off my chest, this is a rare Hallmark movie where there is absolutely zero chemistry between the leads. And the story itself was so poorly crafted that it was impossible to believe these two were falling in love. They barely spent more than 5 minutes together at a time; they never really talked in any kind of depth to get to know each other; he was supposed to be the rude one, but he came across as being fairly polite while she was always rude, so why the heck would he fall in love with such a witch? Even the subplot with the privileged dad who got her fired was absurd. It started out okay with him getting her fired. I can believe the board taking the side of the rich patron over a teacher, but the idea that he would sue her was beyond stupid, and having him show up at the party was nonsensical. The man got what he wanted when he got her fired; the rest of it was just overkill and just lazy writing.<br/><br/>I generally love Hallmark movies and can forgive a lot in them because they&#39;re usually just fun, but this one was a waste of my time. I was so disappointed in it. Just nothing unfortunately to recommend it. :(

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