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Reviewed by staticextasy 7

The beginning of the movie i found to be to strung out. It took forever for the plot to start taking place and it was hardly scary at all. <br/><br/>It was more of a erotic mystery film than a horror. I found the acting to be somewhat horrible and i think Mekhi Phifer, who played Silk, should have thought twice about doing this movie. <br/><br/>The &quot;Scary&quot; scenes included mostly of guns being fired and inevitable shouting, wasn&#39;t horrifying at all. <br/><br/>Acting on some scenes seemed to be unrealistic. Ending of the plot was twisted and good but wasted to much time getting to the plot. I definitely wouldn&#39;t pay to see this movie nor would i buy it to add to my collection

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Reviewed by georgegeorgian 8

A good thriller, keeps you unaware of how plot will develop and every time the bad guy is gonna be knocked down, a mishap happens, which leads to uncover the real story. Watch it till end! You won&#39;t regret.<br/><br/>Movie is certainly far from perfection - budget definitely was scarce, at the same time all male characters are rather well played, female roles are less impressive, though not bad. Some did call this movie erotic, may be formally correct, but sex is shown in more innocent, one could have expect from erotic thriller. Still, the best in this movie I found - a screenplay.<br/><br/>The very often used moral in most of US thrillers - DO NOT GET A STRANGER IN HOUSE! If you do, you&#39;re wrong!

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Reviewed by IboChild 5

A campy genre movie perfectly suited for your VCR, but not worth waiting in line for at the theatre. Just imagine an erotic thriller with few thrills and even less eroticism. By the end of movie, the filmmakers are determined for you to not care about a single character in the story.

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