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Reviewed by jrmcveigh 2

I couldn't get past the first 15 minuets, the acting is so poor I began to get a headache. I'm a big fan of B movies but this is a z movie zzzzzzzzzzzz. I have no idea why people make such films it really is a wast of money; they would be better investing it in a picture with bigger fish to fry.I gave 2 ...1 for picking up the camera and 2 for turing it on. Please don't attempt to make a movie again, thanks

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Reviewed by vincentjroth 8

Nicely done indie war flick. I don't think I've ever seen an independent film take on a war setting. Interesting story. The acting varied from some strong performance and some still developing actors. Good job taking on the ambition of a war movie on an indie budget, depicting realistic feel of the struggles between warring factions riddled with strife.

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