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Reviewed by selection10 10

If you only have the opportunity to watch one documentary in 2009, watch Under Our Skin. This very chilling documentary covers the controversies surrounding the diagnosis, and treatment of Lyme Disease -- an epidemic larger than AIDS. It follows several different patients as they fight for their lives after being told that their symptoms are &quot;all in their head&quot; and that chronic lymes disease doesn&#39;t exist. It follows physicians who are putting their licenses on the line to help these patients, and also covers the criticisms of doctors who do not believe chronic lymes disease exists. By the end of the movie you will have gone through a roller coaster of emotions, and if you never knew much about lymes disease or what it was and why it&#39;s currently the biggest health issue debated by doctors all around the world -- you will now. It brilliantly covers all aspects of the debate, and digs deep into the current guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of lymes disease set forth by the center for disease control.<br/><br/>Lyme Disease is called the &#39;great imitator&#39; because it can mimic almost any chronic health condition including: Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Alzheimers Disease, Parkinsons Disease, Fibromylagia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lupus, Anxiety, Depression, AD/HD, and the list is endless. It can show up as any autoimmune disease, and almost any psychiatric disease. Lyme Disease is an epidemic ruining peoples lives. It is important for everyone to watch, because as the number of people who contract lymes disease increases, so will the amount of people being misdiagnosed as one of these other chronic conditions. It is very important for people to become aware of this tick-borne illness.<br/><br/>At no point in the movie do you get bored, and it really builds up tension as the movie continues. It covers the emotions of the whole controversy over lymes disease brilliantly. The movie really takes you for a ride. This is absolutely the most important movie this year that everyone MUST watch.

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Reviewed by carihiggins 10

Perhaps the most difficult part about covering the issue of Lyme disease is the diverse symptomatology that it causes from patient to patient. Under Our Skin does an amazing job spotlighting patients across the spectrum - from patients who do not visually appear to be ill to the unknown observer, to the severely handicapped. This film is an outstanding step towards educating the country on the true effects of this horrendous epidemic!!! As the mother of one of the more severely handicapped patients, I know all too well the devastation that this disease causes. I also know the ins and outs of the controversy surrounding the two-sided treatment options. Although I have been fortunate to not be faced with the financial burdens that many patients are confronted with, I was threatened with insurance denial and thus can feel their pain. It is a crime that people so ill should have to fight to get the treatment that as human beings they so fully deserve!!!

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Reviewed by iowabettyg 10

Open Eye films did an outstanding job on this almost 2 hr. documentary! <br/><br/>It presents the facts as they are for us chronic Lyme patients who are not diagnosed promptly; under treated in antibiotics, and thrown into the Lyme war controversy! We didn&#39;t ask to be in controversial disease where our insurance companies refuse to pay their fair share for our Lyme appointments and treatments!<br/><br/>I&#39;ve had chronic Lyme 40 yrs. this Xmas; 34.5 yrs. misdiagnosed by 40-50 Dr&#39;s! Unacceptable!.<br/><br/>The IDSA Dr&#39;s. need to be working with our ILADS, international Lyme associated disease Dr&#39;s. so that we chronic Lyme and co-infection meaning other diseases the ticks carry, can get better and into remission.

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