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Reviewed by leon-barbee 10

I'm an old geezer, and I actually enjoyed this film. Agreed, not the best acting, but the story was good. Somewhat sappy in places, also agree, but the thing that I liked the most was the cat and mouse action between Scott and Julie, both knowing the attraction was there, but neither willing to step out to be the first to declare themselves. How many of us have missed opportunities to connect with someone just because we were afraid to be the first to say something?? I did get tired of Elliot Gould in this one, and the sappy Roger that from the boy, but overall, the film had a "home feel" to it. Two people who obviously liked each other, but neither could broached the "being first to say something". I prefer this type of movie over the so-called realism movies of cuss words, vulgarity, vacuous sex scenes, violence, etc. I see enough of this in the news and other media, I would like to enjoy "movies" that have a high road to it.

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Reviewed by JoeSkoal 3

Romance? Drama? OOOH PLEEEEASE!!!! As far as dramas go, this lacked in every aspect of the genre. The characters were unrealistic not portraying the corporate world but more like department store managers living in a fantasy of having an important job. The life situations may be real but to think real life plays out this way is why little girls grow up and become disappointed in life...this was not real life but fantasies for a trailer trash looser who wants a better life. As soon as you think there is some development and interaction of the characters, this movie spoils it with unlike real life script. I usually come upon scenes in a movie where I say sarcastically &quot;Just like real life&quot; and everyone in the room snaps back to reality and laughs. Every scene in this movie beckoned me to say &quot;Just like real life&quot; A romance? NOT! No emotion or passion. The main characters showed no sign of a romantic, affectionate involvement with each other but centered on a perfect child that never could be found in real life. This was not a journey that love takes through courtship, but a one night stand without the sex. A romance film should make the love story the main plot focus but without the real to life drama, you are left with a failing business being saved by the heroin.<br/><br/>Fantasy is healthy and aids in human development, that is were this movie genre falls into, Fantasy&quot; without true love, feelings or real life situations. Uncorked takes you to that netherworld places where events are unlikely to occur in real life.

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Reviewed by louisea2 10

I enjoyed this movie very much and can relate to it. When I watch a movie, I don&#39;t tear it apart. I enjoyed watching a movie for the enjoyment of just watching something entertaining. I like a movie where the father has deep concern for his child (not so in my own life). I also liked the idea of a woman in power telling her boss (Debra) that she quit (would not be stepping on any more &quot;little&quot; people). I had to quit my job because I was under the thumb of such a woman and I had had enough. I liked the idea of a chef and a big time financial adviser making it as a couple. Would love to see it put into DVD form and would also like to see Hallmark do a sequel with the SAME actors. I live not too far from where the movie was filmed and would like to know the filming locations. Some day I might like to take a drive and actually see them. I AM A FAN.

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