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Reviewed by Anders-3 8

Agnes Varda went to San Francisco to promote her film &quot;Les Creatures&quot;. Tom Luddy on Pacific Film Archives told her : &quot;There is a man called Varda on a boat in Sausalito. Are you related?&quot;. &quot;I dont know, lets find out&quot; Agnes Varda replied.<br/><br/>They went there on a thursday and met this Yanco (Jean Varda) who was the cousin of her fathers. So she made this little movie about this old man, living on a boat with his hippie friends, making a living as a painter.<br/><br/>Altogether a nice little film, a typical Varda movie.

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Reviewed by Red-125 9

The documentary Oncle Yanco (1967) was shown in the U.S. with the title &quot;Uncle Yanco.&quot; It was written and directed by Agnès Varda. <br/><br/>Varda was in San Franciso, and one of her friends told her that there was a man named Varda living on a houseboat in nearby Sausalito. They drove to Sausalito and found Jean &quot;Yanco&quot; Varda. He was, indeed, related to Agnès. Her father and Yanco were cousins. So, although they had a blood relationship, Yanco wasn&#39;t really her uncle. However, it would be difficult to use &quot;First Cousin Once Removed Yanco&quot; as a film title. <br/><br/>Like Frederick Wiseman--but unlike Michael Moore--Varda doesn&#39;t usually include herself in her documentaries. However, clearly she needed to be filmed in this case, because one of the virtues of this movie was to watch the interaction between Yanco and Agnes. <br/><br/>As it turns out, Yanco was well known in Sausalito, because he was an excellent artist, and a very welcoming host on his houseboat. Many young people came to visit Yanco to eat, talk, and make music.<br/><br/>This movie isn&#39;t too profound, at least on the surface, but it&#39;s a delight to watch. It&#39;s colorful and interesting, and there&#39;s a real charm to Agnes building a relationship with an older man whom she had had never met him before and now was discovered to be her uncle.<br/><br/>We saw this movie on the large screen at the Dryden Theatre in the George Eastman Museum in Rochester, NY. We in the Rochester area are fortunate to be able to watch a retrospective of Varda&#39;s films, cosponsored by Rochester Institute of Technology and the Eastman Museum.<br/><br/>I&#39;m sure the movie doesn&#39;t play often in theaters, but it will work pretty well on the small screen. Some of the grandeur of the setting will be lost, but the interactions will work on DVD. It&#39;s worth seeking out.

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Reviewed by boblipton 7

Most of us celebrate family by throwing a party. Agnes Varda does it by making a film. In this case, while she was in San Francisco, she went to Sausalito see a man mentioned in a book who had the same last name as her. It turned out to be her father&#39;s cousin.<br/><br/>Of course, making a film is a little more involved than throwing a party. A party may involve just showing up with some food and notifying guests. Making a film involves a crew, so Agnes brought them, and filmed the spontaneous creations and utterances of Uncle Yanco.... through a dozen takes if necessary. Spontaneity requires much preparation.<br/><br/>One particularly notable point of this film for me is the colors: the bright, translucent colors that recall to me the hippy culture as I knew it, in New York City&#39;s Fillmore East, and on a couple of trips to San Francisco a couple of years after this film was made. This movie captures that light perfectly.

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