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Reviewed by dwjrn 1

This was the first time I've ever seen Jeff Rose. Hopefully it will be my last. Too funny. He had a stick in his mouth to pull a little piece of glass out of his arm. I got so tired of hearing him call out for Rachel. Lol. Hey, she's over in the field next to a bush. "I need help!" "Anyone there?" He called out. He was up walking around with what looked to be pink paint for blood on his arm. Hey, your plane went down guy. You're fine. Why all the drama. I thought after the first 30 minutes this movie might get good. It was boring. Sounded like they were both reading instead of acting. Then he carries Rachel around in the woods dodging all of these little fires just burning in one spot for an hour. No story. No plot. No nothing but poor acting. I give it a one for effort.

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Reviewed by joshdasilva 10

Me and my family really loved this movie. Great story and thought provoking!

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