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Reviewed by nigel_rogers 9

A low poly animated film, a bit sentimental at times considering the horrific nature of the story but then again a difficult story to tell. This harsh reality is hard for us to imagine going on in our modern age.The image North Korea seeks to portray to the world, like neighbouring PRC is a world away from the reality that some of their citizens face. And for no more reason than wanting things to be different.The film is worth a watch but sadly i don't think it will change the way things are.

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Reviewed by kokoalarma 10

Beautifully made movie. True stories. True lives are at harms way. Will this be the start of their revolution? Will your mindless leaders take a stand? You are the hero in this masterpiece. I hope this movie will get the ratings to show itself to the world. You are the hero. Take a stand!

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Reviewed by dcos_marc 8

A very bold approach to expose the crisis of humanity that (unfortunately) is a part of our reality right now. The story was very neat (with some surprises here and there) and the visuals of this film are very unique and beautifully crafted. It's not that explicit in terms of imagery, but can definitely nudge your sense of morality. It deserves more attention and hopefully can bring about more action to this issue.

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