Trevor Moore: The Story of Our Times


Comedy / Music

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Reviewed by cstover-28468 9

I've been a big fan of WKUK for a long time. Trevor Moore's brand of comedy was always very appealing to me. This special and his previous Comedy Central special are no different. They bring that same hilarity that we've come to know from Trevor in a more refined and polished way. I hope Trevor continues to give us this type of awesomeness for years to come

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Reviewed by fmrburns 10

It's one of the Funniest show we need more of this I honestly wished Trevor Moore would do a Skit On wwe superstar Edge as man people has said he looked like him bu its a Smart funny sing along show but is Very creative we need more of this Great series.

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Reviewed by riftss 10

I just finished watching this and need to watch it again because there is so much to absorb.<br/><br/>Fantastic. Nailed it.<br/><br/>Wanted more.<br/><br/>Thank you.

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