Torpedo Run


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Reviewed by nabor7 10

Having served in submarines for six years, and having seen every submarine movie possible, TORPEDO RUN is the most realistic movie yet. The submarine interior including the conning tower brought back a lot of memories. The crew terminology and actions were true to form. The gliches were few but only a submarine historian or WWII veteran would pick up on most of them. The opening scene of the ship in the periscope is not the same ship shown a few seconds later in actual footage being sunk. Also in 1942-1943 torpedo reliability was low and very seldom would only one be fired. I doubt that if a Captain would have known there were prisoners aboard a transport would the chance be taken as Barney Doyle took. At least one transport was really sunk carrying prisoners, but it was not marked as such and it was proceeding as a normal transport. All in all this is my favorite sub movie and I enjoyed every minute if it. Some seem to think it drags on and the story line is to simplistic. That's how it was. A sub's duty was to sink enemy shipping and there would be days of boredom followed by hours of gut wrenching tension amid depth charging, and constantly being chased under by aircraft. I highly recommend TORPEDO RUN.

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Reviewed by Bill-16 8

I rank this up there with any of the other great Submarine movies. Das Boot, Enemy Below, Run Silent, Run Deep and others.<br/><br/>Glenn Ford is always at his best playing this type of character. Conflicted and mentally pained men who have tough decisions. Ernest Borgnine, as usual almost steals the movie though. He is one of the greatest second fiddle players in any movie he co stars in. Being someone who grew up watching him in McHale&#39;s Navy as a child and later learning just how great of an actor he can be, is a treat.<br/><br/>I do think the flashback scenes hurt the pace of the movie, but are necessary for context.<br/><br/>The movie is well filmed and makes great use of color. Many other great Sub movies about WWII are in Black and White, but that doesn&#39;t seem to take away from them. Here, the color is big plus.<br/><br/>I love Submarine movies probably because I know, that if I had the honor to of served in the U.S. Armed Forces, this would be the last place I&#39;d want to be. Above the water I could tolerate it in battle, under it, I&#39;d be a panicking wonder how I&#39;d get out if we got hit. For that I salute everyone who served underwater, no matter which country you call home.<br/><br/>8/10 Rating.

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Reviewed by mr. sardonicus 8

Glenn Ford is excellent as Barney Doyle, the war weary sub commander who has to make command decisions which will haunt him the rest of his life. The supporting cast is very good, especially Borgine as Arch, Doyle&#39;s second in command and best friend. The director, Joseph Pevney, does a good job of creating an atmosphere of tension as the Americans hunt down the prize of the Japanese fleet--the ship which ultimately costs Doyle his family. My favorite scene is when the American sub sneaks into Tokyo Bay in search of the Japanese carrier. Admittedly, Torpedo Run is not as gritty and intense as Das Boot, nor is it as action-packed as The Hunt For Red October, but in its own way it is on par with both of these fine films. If you like 1950s WWII movies or if you&#39;re a Glenn Ford fan, you can&#39;t miss with Torpedo Run. It&#39;s one of those movies I have to watch at least a couple of times each year.

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