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Reviewed by billyrat 7

Starring the exquisite veteran Martha Greenhouse as a horny old senior, Louis C.K.'s absurdist b & w psychological howler, Tomorrow Night, rocked the L.A. Laemmle Theater audience in it's June, 2000 screenings. With an array of New York characters heads and goiters above Woody Allen's pale squatters--an angry chain-smoking Queen hungry for a few fingers, Lola Vagina - love temptress, and a homy postman funnier and wiser than any Greek Chorus, Louis C.K. o'er-leaps his tv and comedy club roots and lures his audience into a deeper, darker, and more difficult tradition of absurdist cinema laughs--hard to pull off, but he did it, combining fetish, aging, repression, queerness, friendship, and yearning into a timeless, fresh, and ultimately hysterical--in all the best ways-

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Reviewed by JOJO-22 7

Very funny film, but be warned, it's out there. Think Woody Allen on a seriously mind-altering drug.

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Reviewed by johnloch 8

Something totally different from Louis CK! <br/><br/>The main character draws you in and the supporting cast is hilarious.<br/><br/>Some standout performances by Chuck Sklar, Rick Shapiro, Steve Carell and J.B. Smoove.<br/><br/>Chuck Sklar plays the straight man so well you just have to find out what he&#39;s hiding.<br/><br/>Rick Shapiro as Tina has some of the funniest lines and facial expressions in the movie.<br/><br/>Steve Carell&#39;s scenes will have you laughing as hard as he is.<br/><br/>And I want J.B. Smoove to be my mailman!<br/><br/>The movie reminds me of a Woody Allen flick if Woody Allen shot and edited the film on mushrooms and nitrous.<br/><br/>So forget trying to make any logical sense of the movie and enjoy the hilarious trip.

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