To Stay Alive: A Method


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Reviewed by ms-52486 7

This film/documentary puts the focus on a group of people that would usually be described as losers, crazies or weirdos.<br/><br/>The concept is based on an essay of Michel Houellebecq, in which he seems to encourage this said group of people - by declaring human suffering as the source of all poetic expression.<br/><br/>Iggy Pop takes a very prominent spot, maybe a bit too prominent. I would have liked to hear more from Houellebecq himself.<br/><br/>The other protagonists - Anne Claire Bourdin, Jér?me Tessier and Robert Combas - are all struggling with their mental issues to a greater or lesser degree - while trying to express themselves artistically.

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Reviewed by mitchandcary 9

A thought-provoking, mindful, and philosophical view into the creative mind, through the blurred filters of created realities, imagined identities, and stark clarity. This is a wondrous painting, created with words, poetry, emotion, and imagery.

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