To Hell with a Bullet


Drama / Horror

IMDb Rating 3.7


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Reviewed by guestar57 8

Stars : Timothy V. Murphy &amp; Trenton Rostedt.<br/><br/>Write &amp; Directed by : Vick Wright.<br/><br/>This is one of those amazing films can combine things people have a passion for: Rock and Roll/pacts with the Devil/Horror.<br/><br/>Mr Wright brings us a tale of music,drugs,death and the surreal point ?They all go together.<br/><br/>He has star qualities in his film – Timothy V. Murphy is fresh off his run as the Irish Mob Boss on SONS OF ANARCHY and Trenton Rostedt has just been in AGENTS OF SHIELD and GRIMM.<br/><br/>The soundtrack is as incredible as plot needs, Led by Airbourne &amp; Badwater ,Needs a companion soundtrack on I-tunes to go with this movie.<br/><br/>Great acting, AWE-some Plot and Killer (pun intended) sound.

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