To Dust


Comedy / Drama

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Reviewed by ladd_mangrum 1

Dark and repetitive story line that develops slow. Could be better. I think the creators do not understand reality of Jewish faith. I found myself while watching wishing most scenes are made differently.

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Reviewed by raff-stapp 1

She dies and the whole movie is about what happens after? Same thing that happens to everything that dies.

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Reviewed by Nagfilms 9

'To Dust', is a dark comedy starring Geza Rohrig (Schmuel) and Matthew Broderick (Albert) and was featured at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival. It follows the quest of Orthodox Jew Schmuel to find out what actually happens to the physical body of his wife, who has recently died of cancer. Although cancer is used in many films, the 'eating one up from inside' description fits well here as Schmuel is being 'eaten up' by the conflict of his religious belief of what happens to his wife's soul, his love and longing for his wife, and the scientific facts of what happens to the physical body after death. He ventures out of his Orthodox rules and enlists the help of Community College Biology Professor Albert to explore this bodily mystery. What follows is a series of dark but funny scenes between the two men that ultimately reveal the core tenants of the movie-love, peace of mind, and acceptance. A very unique film with great performances that I hope will find the light of your local theaters.

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