Titanic's Final Mystery


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Reviewed by funguymon 9

I really enjoyed watching this documentary! Tim Maltin seemed like a respectable guy with neat enthusiasm. The various ways he came to his conclusion was hard work and adventure. For example, the various places he went to to gather evidence was intriguing.<br/><br/>The character reenactments, the over portrayal of his theory, and explanations were well done. I walked away learning much on science, history, and record keeping. The film is well balanced between reenactments and general documentary shots.<br/><br/>The reason why I gave it not a perfect score is because I felt the speed moved a little slow with the repeat of the dialogue of the characters and with the CGI effects- though I get they wanted emphasis on witness accounts.<br/><br/>I recommended this film to some friends.

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Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 7

Now, I have recently been watching a bunch of documentaries on the Titanic, but I must admit that the 2012 titled &quot;Titanic&#39;s Final Mystery&quot; (or &quot;Titanic: Case Closed&quot;) is actually one of the more enlightening and enjoyable of documentaries I have watched on this tragedy in a long time.<br/><br/>This 2012 documentary sheds some very interesting light on the events that transpired and led to the tragedy of 1912. And it is a documentary that shows a lot of enthusiasm in bringing information to the viewer and does so in a quest for finding answers. And let me be the first to say that this was definitely interesting, and the things discovered and brought to attention were really enlightening, not to mention fully and wholly new to me. So that was really a good thing about this 2012 documentary.<br/><br/>Running at 1 hour and 33 minutes, this is a very in-depth documentary, but it didn&#39;t feel like a long documentary at all. Not once was there a feeling of it dragging on pointlessly.<br/><br/>If you have an interest in the sinking of the majestic Titanic and the events surrounding it, then &quot;Titanic&#39;s Final Mystery&quot; is without a doubt a documentary well-worth taking the time to watch.<br/><br/>My rating of this 2012 documentary lands on seven out of ten stars.

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Reviewed by gavin6942 7

The documentary looks at the reasons behind the sinking and lack of rescue of the RMS Titanic, and sees Tim Matlin, author of several books about the Titanic travel to locations across Europe, North American and the Atlantic Ocean to meet experts and perform experiments to test theories.<br/><br/>I have never read a book on the Titanic or seen any documentaries. I was vaguely familiar with some of the theories discussed here, about the captain being drunk (false) and about the lack of lifeboats. This not only covered what little I did know (and set me straight on false assumptions), but introduced me to new concepts I had never considered, such as the shipping routes and radio communication (which I would have thought minimal at the time).<br/><br/>Really a great film for those who want to learn about the Titanic.

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